What difficulty do you think the average player is?


Online players, what would you compare the average competition to in terms of arcade mode difficulty?


low or medium,for example some of the players online know combos but they dont know frames this is why you would see dante player repeatedly spam J.S no matter how many times i punish them.in short the players online arent very smart


That’s kind of sad. This is my first fighting game and I bought it two days ago, already beat medium - hard


Just as good (bad) as the computer AI. Even A ranked players. Randomly pushing buttons. No thought process. This game is easy enough to level the playing field for much worse players.
Of course, I’m much worse since I lose to a lot of them. :frowning:


You’ll find that playing against the AI and playing against actual people are very different experiences, to the point of being almost incomparable.


Obviously the AI only gets hit when it lets you or when you counterpoke. There’s no point comparing it to a human.

But how difficult is the average player in general? I’d say completely free of charge. Seriously I’m having trouble finding anyone who even plays this game online because of all the bad rep. this game gets


lol what?
SxT on hardest in batshit easy.
Isn’t even hard.
They lose to cross up constantly.
Even Boxer wins with cross ups. :rofl:


My brain just exploded after reading that title.


Oh give the guy a break. He just started lol.

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I am a high ranked player who has a lot of experience and a very high win rate using bob/julia and I can say that in my experience most players of sfxt are practically brand new level to players who can do very simple combos, the highest level players I have seen use easy topish tier characters and overall I would rate the level of the sfxt online skill level at about 4/10 where 10 is SF4 and 6 is MvC3.

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cpus know how to punish Bison’s headstomp better than most online players if that answers your question


you have to play alot of matches to find someone good I say playing with someone of the people on the sfxt fourms would be abit better than playing randoms and ranked