What disgusts me about playing online (not what your thinking)

yes, yes we have countless people that have made posts about the sound cutting out and lag playing a role in this game sucking… yes these things do suck, I agree… but lets face it the sound is an issue to us all (doesnt make it ok thou capcom) and the lag, well thats not gonna get fixed ever… i dont care if u have 100mps download and upload, online is never gonna be perfect… thats the reality

but know that we have that out the way, LET ME GET INTO WHY I REALLY WROTE THIS THREAD…

  1. goddammit a b c combos are not safe… (some exceptions, and distance make a difference) but yes mostly not safe!!! especially with launcher after NEVER SAFE… LMAO seriously 90% of people that play online do this… like wtf are u retarded

  2. YO… i just anti aired u like 5 times in a row (are you really gonna jump at me and test me again) or walk back and forth for a second and then jump LMAO we will just leave this at that

  3. similar to a b c combos not being safe are u really going to do ur string or a b c followed by a move that is not safe over and over again… (or just throw out random unsafe shit?) learn hit confirms fucken scrubs and learn footsies… dont just mash buttons or a string u know just because… yea congrats u might get lucky here and there but what ur doing is beyond retarded, and oh u get much much luckier with stupid shit like this online then u would offline

  4. most of u that think ur godlike at this game or any fighting games… ever play offline locally? at tournaments or just casuals(not just with ur 2-3 buddies btw)… if u have HONESTLY ever notice u weren’t as godlike as u thought u were? NEWSFLASH mentioned this somewhat earlier but u get away with lots of bullshit online and for the most part are playing against retards… huh… what… why… yes 90% of people on XBL & PSN are ass thats why and if u scrubs ever start playing offline, u will notice its almost like a different game… its really like punishment playing online cause u create bad habits and have been playing with a bunch of idiots

  5. are u really just gonna jump cross up me again and again… like surely u know something else… or can be a lil less predictable

I have a couple more stuff to say but this should be fine now… lol why am i on here even writing this? well im bored and drunk… and to be honest I would never even play online but i got nothing better to do sometimes when im home… and yes i play offline locally here with lots of people and its so so so so so much better

please dont respond with OH YOUR SO GOOD!!! go play daigo go play justin… lol i NEVER SAID IM SUPER GODLIKE… yes i think im fairly damn decent and can hold my own against lots of strong players, and i know this and can confirm it cause i enter tourneys and play locally where strong players play (im from southern cali home of Wednesday night fights and super arcade where many best players play)

overall… Im just disgusted with playing online, its like yes i know a bunch of casual people play online and what ever CANT CONTROL that… but when like 90% of people are so free and do stupid shit online its just fucken disgusting and a waste of time… im better of jacking off

  1. They’re retarded and deserve to be punished

  2. They’re retarded and deserve to be punished.

  3. They’re retarded and deserve to be punished

  4. Don’t fall for bullshit and play your game not there’s.

5.Do what you said in reason 1.

Every game has scrubs.

Also nice alt account.

Fighting games have driven a sharp wedge in the community. So many of the core mechanics are so non-obvious that beginners have practically no hope of ever learning them (short of coming to sites such as this and having someone point it out to them). Since Capcom is a big name, Street Fighter is a big name, and Tekken is a big name, this is a game guaranteed to draw big crowds of people, most of whom have no hope of ever learning how to play the game. This is a failing of the community and, moreso, the game producers.

Starcraft is a good comparison, having a similarly wide gulf between beginner and pro. Blizzard did a great job with Starcraft II in ensuring beginners do not find themselves stuck against mid-level players, who are not being stomped by pros. Similarly, the offline game provides all the fundamentals necessary to learn how to play online, leaving you to take those lessons and gain the experience. We do not have this. People do not learn the basics, then end up matched against players who have a higher-level of skill. The beginners are griefed unnecessarily, whereas the more skilled players are constantly facing pointless match-ups.

I definitely agree with 2. I even tell these guys “Stop jumping or I’ll just swat you out of the air again” and they keep doing it.

alot of what u say elric is true… so whats the solution???
hmmm… maybe over time atleast for the better players the scrubs will drop off and the better players will constantly have good competition ONLINE right? right, right??
NO, unfortuantely… i just booted up sf4 yesterday and guess what I played a bunch of scrubs in that game still… AFTER 4 YEARS (or how ever long sf4 has been out!)

lol good shit Ketsueki… to be honest I use to send hate mail (hate mail with good tips) after I win to scrubs all the time also… why?
well hopefully they learn something but if not at the least maybe they consider stop playing lol so are network (psn or xbl) will only have good players… but its no point really… like i stated in one of my posts earlier sf4 after 4 years still has mostly scrubs playing

That is the million dollar question. I would love to see some discussion on what we, as the community, can do to improve this situation. Personally, I think it is more the responsibility of Capcom (et al) as I believe there is very little we can do about it. Skullgirls is set to include the best tutorial ever made for a fighting game, however, there is also no chance it will have the mainstream appeal necessary to make a meaningful difference.

I hate it when people play really slow,

There are only so many options at any given situation and at least one of them is in your favor. Why must you wait for the punish? Are you so bad that you can’t create a situation outside of having it handed to you because you decided to press back and forward for 30 seconds?

Isn’t that where the points ranking system should come into play? To separate the weaker players from the stronger ones?
What seems to happen is that a lot of players seem to beat each other and keep dividing the points, meaning they should be stuck on the D/D+ mark. The better players should easily move on to C, or maybe B ranks.

I think you should realize a lot of casual players have no interest in learning the game like the people on these forums do. They know a few basic moves and these people play for fun, on a completely different level that a lot of people here do, but not necessarily less enjoyable [que getting whooped and start sending that hatemail].
They seem to get so excited when someone whiffs an unsafe move or does a raw tag, they seem to forget the optimal punishment. Happens to me quite some times too.

I’m not so sure a proper tutorial made by Capcom would work: people still want to jump in, hit the hardest and biggest hitting buttons and “look cool”. It could help people playing a bit smarter/safer, so buying more time to enjoy a match and learn from it.

P.S. Ran into a Ryu/Sagat team yesterday with a total of 4 assist gems. Where’s the fun in that?

Thats interesting because if I saw someone blocking solidly for 30 seconds I would just use one of those many options that are in my favour that you talk about and just throw them.

As for being handed a situation becuase they blocked, I presume you meant to say that they were presented with the opportunity to punish you because you threw out something that was unsafe.

and the problem is?

you wanna play somebody good, ask a good player to play a ft5 in endless!
get bodied and go back to ranked where you can wine about scrubs to feel good again

Haha, so true

Can you edit the topic because this was exactly what I was expecting.

welcome to really long time ago…

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