What disrupts 'the flow' for you?

The ‘flow’ could be anything from a match to just a get together playing games. What are some of the things that when they happen you go ‘wtf-_-’.

For me, the main thing is when you’re playing against someone and the match is about to start and they go:

‘wait don’t hit me lemme try out my moves first’

I get so mad. Cause they NEVER tell me this while picking characters…while the VS screen pops up…they even wait after the ‘ROUND 1 FIGHT’…waiting till the moment I gun for them charging to deliver a beatdown.

It just feels so wrong to me. ‘Try out your moves’ what the hell does that mean? Anytime someone says that they are just punching and kicking nothing for a good 15 seconds. It feels like such a waste and pisses me off to no end.


They wanna make sure their buttons work. Of course, dishonorable gamers PREFER their opponent to only have 1-4 working buttons…

When I fuck up a move…

Sometimes I’ll go for dragon or super or something, but mess it up, get hit not too bad at all… but because I’m stupid I rifle off the super or DP or whatever the first opportunity I think they can attack afterwards.

Works sometimes yeah, but it’s alotta blocked and I die because of it…

Totally ruins the flow. I stop thinking correctly, and concentrate on bullshit. I lose my grasp on the match, become a retard and risk my moves when I shouldn’t, just because I missed it when I know I SHOULD have used it earlier, tried to use it, but messed up…

I think it’s in Dom101 somewhere? That I’m a retard? :slight_smile: Either way, that’s what ruins the flow of a match to me mostly.

…that and the joystick fucking up or pausing or something.

Well I was thinking in a pad situation, but yeah you do have a point.

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Re: Re: What disrupts ‘the flow’ for you?

OH, I thought you meant in the arcade. In the case of a pad, they’re trying to figure out which buttons do what. You know, “Dude, where’s my Fierce?”.

My flow gets jacked when someone starts making a combo exhibition video on my ass… I start getting afraid to make a move, start making mistakes, and forget to think about what I’m doing, which in turn helps me get owned even harder instead of keeping my rhythm and trying to make a comeback.

sometimes when im pumped i’ll go for a dp and accidently do a super, that fucks my flow so bad

missing a combo totally fucks my flow up.

Blowing a super…either by just plain missing my opponent with it or them just doing a low jab right when it starts up. I just feel so destroyed afterwards.

Changes in game speed killing reversal and link timing.

completely fucking up can blow my whole game… ie missing a super accidently tagging in an assist or doing a snap back when i didn’t mean too. That usually means the end of the game for me. :bluu:

Taking a break in the middle of a match because their cell phone rings.

And taunting, but much less than before.

I have a really bad habit of doing a super after a failed super.
In other words, I am about to catch someone with a super and for one reason or another it doesn’t come out. Yet instead of looking for another opportunity to get it in, by habit I do the super motion again right after a failed one. Problem is, the second time I do it, the super comes out, but my opportunity was missed, thus I leave myself open to get owned.
I really need to break this habit :frowning:
But yea that kinda stuff disrupts my flow.

When I lose my cool and do unnecessary risky things to do damage back to my opponent.


The power button fucks up my flow pretty bad.

I believe I said something about thread necromancy. THAT disrupts my “flow”.

Edit: This one time, I’ll reopen it. There had better be some worthwhile discussion…

What messes up the flow for me?

When someone tries to switch trick on mein mvc2 but forgets to hold the assist button, so before the match starts they’re like “hold on, let me switch.”

And getting shot.