What do i do wrong?



Basically, whenver I try to get in, I’d call strider and feral dash in, either by canceling arrow kick, or juts by canceling, but every time that happens, either I get punished, or strider gets punished, or sometimes both. What can I do to keep myself safe. Rice said to move smartly, but i don’t know what to do with jill that’s smart. ><, it just seems like im not making any progress


Use your other assist.

Strider is an anti-air, mix-up tool, not an assist made primarily for moving in.

When your spacing and rush-down becomes godlike then you can switch between the two.


Okay, so I need a tool for getting in (im trying to build a perfect jill team), I’m thinking using rocket raccoon with double fireball, and doing jill/rr/strider, but I dont think rr gets much from strider. I’m thinking >.>


lamuness plays that exact team. I’m not a fan of it myself, but if it works for him and it works for you, go right on ahead.

BTW: RR’s one of the hardest characters in the game, and strider benefits him but in really quirky ways. Good luck.


Thanks, i’ll probably need it XD, hopefully the team pays off. I’m also hoping RR is enough for jill to get in :stuck_out_tongue:


You’ll lose to zoning. Esp. missiles + deadpool or beam + deadpool of some sort. You can MGS in but you better hope you kill one or both characters off of XFC, cuz you won’t get that chance again.

It’s a good team for me, but Jill pretty much operates by herself if you’re fighting against any type of zoner, because beams blow through the spitfire. And as NSR said, RR is pretty hard to play w/. Strider isn’t the best assist for RR, so you have to be careful with what you’re doing. Plus your team has hella low life. But if you can get in, and get a hit, these mini drones come out at a great pace for you to mixup to your heart’s content.

If you need help, ask me, I’ll try to answer as best as I can.

=== EDIT ===

I’m going to be playing around w/ Jill / Unibeam / Spitfire, because Unibeam is so good w/ her. Plus I get two TAC infinites. lol.


Yeah I’ve been playing around with Jill/Unibeam/Vajra, it works like a fuckin boss for jill!
[EDIT] i like the idea of jill/im/strider because it also works like a beast for c.viper, who i also play :stuck_out_tongue:


My God!
I’m also playing with this team >. <
avoid using feral dash without assists, people will use cr. L and ending his mix ups, always use feral dash 7 or 9,
I’m enjoying the cartwheel kick against dives,
Iamuness posted in another thread using spitfire with feral dash, really good stuff!
RR is hard to play, but not impossible, boulder loop is great to bars, log trap and you can continue the combo with rocket skates S , abuse traps Claymore is 10 hits give you time to mix up ou burrel with vajra!
one of my biggest flaws with Jill is my lack of patience, if not feral dash is working, go with wave dash and wait for a mistake!


Patience is my biggest flaw too haha. Play against a really good Strange or a good Ghost Rider, and you’ll learn patience lol.


You actually want to rush Strange and Ghost Rider down. Like Balls to the walls down so they don’t setup their zoning game.

I had a great set with will/ Low Tier Fear (one of the best Strange’s in the world,imo) and I had the best luck when I rushed his shit down.


New team NSR, Jill/Spencer/Ammy, off of any hit, be it jill or spencer, I can get 950k, and that’s on day one. Its pretty crazy


Nice team !

jill loves resets with Grapple =]

ammy cold Star have so much time for mix up XD


Jill/Grapple is good, but doesn’t benefit the neutral.

How meter intensive is your 950K? If it’s costing you more than 2 bars (with at least 1 being built) then it’s not worth it IMO.


Isn’t this true of pretty much anyone with a zoning game? It is especially devastating to get zoned out by someone like Strange or Chris who have to set up a tent for their camp, though.


Basically, but you can deal with playing arthur’s game and playing cautiously with a couple zoners. With Rider he can just maul you up close (BURRN BURRN BURRN) and from afar with j.S and s.H /


Two bars. Also I can get the same shit from ammy