What do I get? UMvC3 or AE?


I am a big fan of SF4ae on PC as of right now. I want to get a PS3 version, but I got to play MVC3 at school today (Video game club rush FTW) and thought that game would be a good purchase also.

So here’s what I am asking, Should I get the superior port of my favorite game right now or should I get an all new experience?

All opinions are valid.


Well, I would tell you to get UMvC3. 1) You got SF4ae on PC already and 2) I’m a fan of the Marvel Vs. games, so I say buy UMvC3. P.S. You lucky bastard, you have a video game club, wish I had one.


Nah it’s really lame, just minecraft and cod and stuff but during club rush it’s super fun lol.

But yeah, i’m probably getting uMVC3


SF4:AE on PS3 superior to PC?


Isn’t GFWL getting shutdown pretty soon? How will PC players play SF4AE online?




I hope u leik pushing buttans a lot then, character-killing combos have been the bulk of my practice time lately (other than my crappy Arthur point team anyway)

But, uh, yeah I definitely prefer Street Fighter or King of Fighters on PC than console; I don’t personally feel the console versions are superior at all, at least in terms of online play. And if you already have SSF4AE, just get Marvel <_<


Well, that makes sense. But has a patch actually been confirmed yet?


UMVC3 turns me off big time, I cant stand the game for 1 thing, if you make a team you have to learn every characters 100% damage combo, in fact everyone has a 100% damage combo, unless you want to play like Chris G and just spam shit with morgan doom. I like AE more cause I know im not going to die in 1 combo


And I wouldn’t be surprised if there will never be one and you just get a discount on Ultra Street Fighter if you possess AE.

I mean it’s kinda strange that there hasn’t been a single word of Capcom about the issue yet.


Capcom seems to be in the habit of ignoring and dismissing their followers. I’m not really surprised by anything they do at this point.