What Do I Learn First With Magnus?

I am very new to magneto, and i need help, the problem with me is i dont no wat to learn first, triangle jumping, or his hypergravxxMagnetic Tempest setups, i just dont no wat to learn, i just want a badass magneto, i just wanna no wat things with magnus should i learn first.

1.) Learn how you can land a hit and link into a combo. Such as dash in, lk or triangle jump, lk

2.) Learn the basic launcher, 4 hit, hypergrab -> tempest.

3.) Then start combining 1 and 2 together…

4.) Challenge somebody and learn from mistakes.

Then after that, you would know what you need to learn for more advanced combos and strategies.


first get the basic magic series down and get the hypergrab xx tempest down perfect.

after that, go triangle dashing mad until you can do it over and over flawlessly.

do triangle dashing with hits in. a good practice for this is the standing sentinel infinite. [sj lk lk, ad.df lk lk /]xinf.
you gotta be fast to pull this off, so it’ll teach you fast fingers.

once you got that down, work on the psylocke unmashable
launch /\ hk ad.df lk lk / jump lk+psy lk xx tempest

once you got that down, instead of rejumping do a snapback. this one teaches you a bit of timing on the hits in the air to position properly.

when you get here you’ll be a really good magnus player cuz you’ll be able to cause lots of damage…

after that practice the rom infinite. now you can build meter and do lots of damage.

after that it’s all about style with shit like the slide infinite.

Agreed 100%

thx 4 the help, my major problem is getting the hypergravxxtempest timing down, sometimes i can get it, and sometimes i cant, is there ne technque i can use to help me wit dat?

do it standing first.

then do it with the air combo.

if you’re having trouble with the timing after the magic series, there are 2 ways to get the timing down.

one way, is at forward, hit lp, at down-forward hit lk, at down lp, and downback lk. in effect you’re doing the half circle while hitting buttons at each 8th of the circle. at back, hit hk, then cancel fast xx tempest.

that’s one way. the other way is just do a super fast half circle whenever you feel like it new the last 2 magic series hits.

other than just practising over and over there’s not much you can do.

The way I learned to do the tempest combo was to go into training mode and just launch, sjlp,sjlk,sjlp,sjlkxxhypergrav. At first don’t try cancelling the grav into tempest, it won’t register as a combo, but if you do it right, the hyper grav will still hit the computer and carry him down with you, once you can do that consistantly, then try adding the tempest. I used to have real trouble with the timing untill I figured out this way to practice.

hg x tempest aircombos become almost obsolete in higher level of play. i do no feel they need to be “perfect” in order to have a good magnus.

first learn to tri-jump. then learn when and where to use it. flawlessness will come in time.

this infinite is not crucial to learn. not to mention the large step up in difficulty between tri-jumps and this is insane. learn unmashables first.

wrong. first, he hasnt learned much. nothing about resets or crossups. mind games or guardbreaks. snapbacks or corner combos. sure he might be able to do some damage with an unmashable, but he wont ever get the chance to. you must learn how to attack, when to attack, and take advantages of mistakes and openings.

ROM should come after learning the the unmashable. before attempting things such as the standing sent inf. the ROM inf is one of magnus’s best ways of causing damage. not because of the inf itself, but because of the reset and crossup potential.

just my two cents.


agreed. they should still be able to do it. heck if you can’t do a grabxxtempest you probably can’t do anything else on the list.

i find the standing sent inf much easier than the rom. you just have to be fast. you don’t have to worry about positioning of the character, or the 2 fast kicks up and timed kicks down. however, the concept between this, and unmashable, and rom, is basically all in the airdash. so really the order doesn’t really matter. i naturally have fast fingers, so the standing inf was easier for me to learn.

the unmashable alone takes off 50% on most characters. a random psylocke hitting should gurantee some fear. not to mention the assist infinite bug possibilites.

again, it’s all about the airdash and different uses of it. so if rom was easier to learn first, then good for you. but i still think the standing sent inf is a good inf to learn just because of the speed of your rushdown alone you gain from it.

in summary, my tips were more on what skills to learn, not psychological games. you can’t really teach that. you can tell them about mindgames, like read your opponents, or confuse them with crossups and stuff. problem is, once you play a game, if you focus on trying to do that you’ll make mistakes and just get destroyed. you learn that on your own pace by just playing a lot. and when you know what mindgames to pull off, you’ll have the arsenal of skills to back you up.

here is how to learn any character…learn all of his shit, so that u can at least do it 90% in training mode. this includes tri jumping, magic series, unmashables, resets, rom, guardbreaks (although, u’ll need somebody for this), unblockables, etc…

make it to where IF you land a hit your gun fuck shit up

then…start playing, play sorry people, play great people, play everybody…and then u’ll start learning how to be safe and how to attack and all the mind game shit, two basic steps

trianle jump hk is the first thing. a must

learn to NOT be thirsty. that’s how he gets killed so fast. pick an assist that u’re confortable with and practice it with ur magneto. and obviously learn combos to kill after triangle jump HK.

does it make a big diff if you only do a 3 hit xx hyper grav?

What’s the diff between tri jumping with lk lk and tri jumping with hk?

if u mix up how many hits u do before the hg xx temp, it’s sometimes harder to mash out, because you expect it at different times… SOMETIMES

tri jump with lk lk is faster, tri jump with hk has more range

thanks for the info