What do I need to purchase for all costumes

Looking on xbox.com, I am confused by some of the naming of the complete costume packs.

I see they have a Ultra Complete Alternate Costume Pack, and they also have the Super Complete Alternate Costume Pack. What is the difference between these 2? Do I need to buy both these to have all the costumes?

Also, do these costumes work in AE?

(Yes, they are costumes, and are silly, but I love having options, haha)

super contains the first alternate for all characters, ultra contains the second and yes they work in AE.

yes, you have to buy both(to have all of the costumes).

Well…You need money.


you will be missing the costumes from the sf4 however! so you will have alternate costumes 2 and 3 for all characters. Also the 4 new characters have not had their alts released yet!

note: does anyone know if you can buy the sf4 costumes and use them in super without owning sf4? or having a sf4 save?

Yes. You can purchase sf4 costume packs and have them work in Super without actually owning vanilla or having any vanilla save files.

You need monies.

Get a job kid :]

thanks for letting me know :smiley:

Do Vanilla SF4 costumes work in AE?

Yes they do…