What do people mean by "earning" wins?

Someone messaged me on XBL today that “You didn’t earn that win bitch, stop choosing top tiers” This was after i had beat him using my terribly played Ryu. At first i thought nothing of it, but i started thinking, I think hes right. He was using Makoto. On paper I didn’t really “earn” my win considering how high Ryu is on the tier list vs Makoto.

Since i won by a sliver of life both rounds and he won 1 round by a sliver, you could say we were of the same playing skill. So we pretty much fit that tier requirement of “players of the same skill” part.

If you check I had posted a question asking how I went like 15 rounds in a row using stupid shotos but couldnt pick up a win using Seth or Rose. At that point I still thought tiers were bullcrap, but after my recent winning streak of top tier loveliness I’m starting to wonder if because i’m playing lower tiers usually I’m “earning” my wins moreso than the guy who just won using Ryu or Chun-Li. (aka i lose alot and get a hard fought win every once and a while whereas most would get an easier win against me).

Only reason i ask is because im debating just dropping everyone im using now and just learning Chun-Li, Guile, and Dictator. Im getting fed up with working hard only to get shut down because the higher tiers have better priority on moves.

You earn your wins by winning. You should stop listening to xbl scrubs.

Who gives a damn who you pick? New guys seem to always talk about tiers and crap and you know what, no one really cares. Pick a guy you like, play with him. If you win, good job. If you lose, oh well you lost. Get better.

tiers, tears. Whatever. that dude was just salty. He shoulda earned his win by beating you. and I don’t mean to imply that he needs to work hard with Makoto just because she “sucks” I mean ppl just need to work hard in general to earn a win.

I totally understand that i really shouldnt let tiers get to me, but im gonna be honest here, many a times ive struggled beating Ryu’s using Seth or Rose, but even in a Ryu vs Ryu match i can come on top easily. I guess its more that the character itself isn’t “easier” to get a win with they’re just “easier” to use right? I mean i struggle to nail Seth’s links here and there and drop them (online) but i rarely ever miss with Ryu.

Then go use Ryu. Just use a character that’s comfortable for you. Unless you really, REALLY wanna dedicate time to maining Seth/Rose.

I honestly hate Ryu/Ken players. Anytime they are in a corner “shoryuken!” out of it, and that thing has so much high priority that it can even beat a cr. jab. I have no mercy for Ryu/Ken players, sorry dude, but that Makoto can’t “shoryuken” his way out of anything like your Ryu can. It’s sad, but a cr.jab, cr.jab, cr.jab XX shoryuken flowchart are the players that I meet online.

Fuck. That. Shit.

Yeah, and shoryukens aren’t even punishable! you can pretty much do that all day and even if they block, there is nothing they can do. /sarcasm

“I honestly hate Ryu/Ken players. Anytime they are in a corner “shoryuken!” out of it, and that thing has so much high priority that it can even beat a cr. jab. I have no mercy for Ryu/Ken players, sorry dude, but that Makoto can’t “shoryuken” his way out of anything like your Ryu can. It’s sad, but a cr.jab, cr.jab, cr.jab XX shoryuken flowchart are the players that I meet online.”

If they shoryuken block and punish. there is no unbeatable tactic, you simply have to level up and figure out the counter.

also there is no such thing as “priority”, it’s all about frame data. SRK doesn’t win because of some magical priority it wins because it has invulnerability frames.

earning a win means that their life bar reached zero before yours

people who use shitty characters surrender the right to complain about anything - it’s his choice to use makoto, not you

if you’re going to use a character with awful matchups then the onus is on your to earn your win, not the other way around - some people try to take solace in the fact that even if they lost, they were using a “worse” character, so that they have an excuse for losing and can feel better about themselves

don’t let people online change a thing about you, if you’re winning, keep doing whats giving you success and just work on areas you need improvement on - don’t second guess yourself because THEY are handicapping themselves

People who blame you for picking high tiers are just trying to avoid the fact that they should blame themselves for picking low tiers.

just laugh it off and don’t dwell too much on what a scrub tells you

wins are all that matters, doesnt matter what you do, who you pick or how you play your character. The game is about winning.

You win!!!

So tired of scrubs. Sometimes I wish I had a “delete scrubs” button. I’d spam that…
Anyways, If the game says you won, then, you won! Pretty straight forward. Sure scrubs will quote all these unwritten rules about how you shouldnt spam hadoukens, or, as some dude told me in Marvel 2 “you shouldnt use assists more than 8-12 times per round”

People make up lots of shit in their heads. If you picked Ryu and beat his Makoto, then its his fault for either not picking a high tier character, or sucking so hard at this game. In the end, a scrubby player will suck no matter which character he or she uses.

So the lesson to learn here is: Use whatever character feels most comfortable with you and your playstyle, and dont worry about what salty scrubs message you.

Hmm I don’t seem to have that problem when fighting people online. I come from the Vanilla land of Cammy where she wasn’t respected previously, but now people “Ooooo” and “Ahhhhh” when they see me ultra through your gimp ass Ryu’s poorly spaced fireball?

No, fuck that shit. If I beat you with Dan or with Rufus, suck that shit up and work on your game. Don’t start using excuses based on a list that changes literally every day to somehow make yourself feel better about sucking. Cuz no matter where my main character stands on the tier list, Im always gonna play her, and im still gonna fuck the high-tier shoto scrub flowcharts up. Then you can cry to me about how much you don’t know the matchup, and thats why you lost.

tl;dr - don’t put your trust in Tier Lists. its like waving a restraining order in front of your restrainee’s face when he’s confronting you with a Gun to your head.

I earn my wins by starting with a good breakfast and a top tier character.

Top tiers for life.

Play who you want, dude. Haters gonna hate. You’re getting hate mail because you’re winning. That’s a good thing.

Learn to enjoy hate mail. It’s good. When you get hate mail you know you’ve made them mad, and it feels good.

To earn you wins, pick the lowest tier character in the game, set your handicap as low as possible, always hold forward, and only use level 3 focus attacks. Even then people will say you didn’t earn your win.

If you win, you win; PERIOD.

Edit: If anyone says you didn’t earn your win, tell them they earned their lose.

I sometimes wonder if people have a point when they say I have no skill and I only win because I’m cheap and I spam kneebash.

Then I continue doing it.

Fuck them. If they don’t like it, they can play someone else.

stop thinking like a loser

The way I see it - it’s a game. Play whatever character you enjoy playing with. You bought it to have fun, not prove anything to some random person online who loves to brag about their “l33t sf4 skillz!” I’ve only had the game 3 weeks and decided to main Seth. It’s a pain to learn him and I lose a lot BUT I have fun and that’s all I care about. I’ve had hate mail ranging from “Stupid scrub ur sh*t” to “lag makes u luk gud” - I find that part of the fun of the game! Have a laugh, tell the loser sending you mail you play for fun and that your life isn’t so desperately unfulfilled that you have to send someone hate mail about a game if it makes you smile (never did get another reply from the guy I sent that to…). The only time you need to worry seriously about which character you use is if you enter a tournament, something which I will probably never do anyway.