What Do Players Message You When You Beat Them? Skullgirls Edition

Kinda surprised we don’t have one of these yet…

Anywho, I’ll kick this off. In addition to numerous ragequits tonight, I got this lovely piece of hatemail…


Funny thing is, is I play rushdown.

Well, the thing is… I haven’t received any hatemail whatsoever in this game.

Unless “u r beast” means I’m some sort of deranged monster who eats babies.

I played the same guy! His lovely mail to me was: “You think I’m going to waste my time with your fucking turtling ways? Then enjoy having your time wasted when I kill the match. Have fun with that, prick.”


Ain’t our fault dude’s Cerebella sucks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Vial B is cheating apparently. :eek:

Wow, that guy is on a roll… surprised he hasn’t been banned yet.

Anyone that play Blazblue ran across him at some point, I just wanted to trolling him to the best of my abilities when I got matched up with him. lol

I did a Cerebella mirror with some guy and bodied him.

He sent me a message saying “how do you do that”

I promptly sent him here.

I haven’t seen him since, hope he comes and gets better.

I juss get compliments on my Valentine~

I got a GG (and a friend request!) after a good Filia v. Valentine match. Match was pretty hard fought and down to the wire too, can’t wait to play him again.

I’m looking forward to stomping this CaButler guy. -w-

Rename this topic: “The only ragequitter of the skullgirls community: CaButler’s hatemails topic.”

This is after I tried to chip him with bionic car, he still had a pixel left but didnt punish. so I killed him

Damn you’d think a guy in the spot light like that wouldn’t send salt. Guess that explains his “Double is the best in the game” tweet.

Wow, cabutler has managed to invade the skullgirls netplay too?

Lmao this guy got bodied I’m not even sure this guy knows the objective is to win

I guess this guy is worse than shit







Apparently airdashing face first into parasoul AA fireball with filia is how you play with “Real Skill”

Daquiri dude what kind of team do you play to piss so many people off?