What do the point fractions mean on Steam?


What does the other half of the points mean the part after the golden cup?

Mine says when I’m playing my main char;
360 PP/ Gold Cup 9999
1953 BP/ Gold Cup 659

Also whats up with the 9,999,999 PP everyone seems to have?
Really annoying when doing random replay always picks a really bad sagat vs. a decent ken over and over.

When I watch them in replays they don’t look better than me most of the time. Occasionally some of the 10 mil players have done really long linked or plinked though most of them don’t.

I would think the point cap would be around 40k to 100k or something since grand master is at 36k or around there.


It’s your rank. When people have that much PP/BP they’re likely manipulating the system somehow to have more points. Why? I don’t know. I guess their Daddies didn’t tuck them into bed at night when they were kids or something.


So what is the 9999 for?
And what does 659 as a rank mean, that I have a really bad win ratio on Sakura?


9999 is for when you don’t have enough points for the system to bother assigning you a rank. That or you could actually be the person with the 9999th most PP. 659 means there’s 658 more players of that character who have more BP than you.