What do u think if next evo have event only low-tier or character never use in tournament


i see last evo of street fighter 4
only few character to get in last
same pattern knockdown safe jump fire ball vortex
same group of champion
some match u can guess who will win in match because very very bad match up
low-tier character only use for couter (this street fighter not Dota or LoL)

my viewer
ok i know this is big tournament eveybody need to win in game evey STRATEGY use for make advantage
every game i see same concept some guy tell me look top lever game very interesting how frame trap he use
look look he use new O.S this jump is unblockable bra bra bra
game from top player nice for who want to win this game i see it happen evey year

some match in this year very fun

haitani vs all he play with his style 3s mokoto to hard in sf4 but he can make happen many ppl say this is street fighter
pr balrog vs infiltration (hakan mode) no tier no strategy only u and me some luck and base skill will tell who in this game
pongko match he lose in tournament but style low life in game who care? my dragon punch best in this game : what is zoning
cammy hard to fight but change character not my way

if low-tier tournament can make to real we will see another side SF4 something never see
capcom make many character if in tournament only little character to use maybe we should give opportunity for player
who choose low-tier because he like in character unfair for him if he work hard for Training but can’t good in tournament not from he skill but come from low-tier and bad matchup
some game center make events low-tier day match very interesting very fun all time events u will hear laugh from player

all tournament play to win is number 1 player Focus i accept about that if not to hard i want to see another side tournament not focus play to win to much but make game so hype and very fun
some guy don’t play this game enjoy to watching every character can use

thank you for reading
my english very poor but i believe u understand in my post
because fighting gamer understand fighting gamer


I dunno about any of that

But I would love to see a Vanilla side tourney for lulz


The biggest problem is that a lot of the cast is really mid-tier, and a lot of them place regularly at tournaments. So if by “low-tier”, you include these characters, then not much really changes, because some majors don’t always have top players for the top 5/8 characters anyway. If you only include the truly low-tier, there are maybe 5 of them, and that probably wouldn’t be very interesting to watch.

MvC2 used to do low-tier tournies, but that’s cause the tier separation in that game is much wider, and the team dynamics are interesting to watch


I think they could do it with characters who never got top 8 in a major. Major meaning something like EVO, Topanga, etc. the biggest tournaments. You’d still have quite a few characters to choose from I believe.


Not even sure that list would be that big. I’m sure somebody could look up the data, but for AE2012 it would probably be along the lines of:

Dan, Dee Jay, Dudley, Yang, Oni? Blanka, Juri, Chun, Rose?, Dhalsim?

Actually that might make a reasonable tournament.


7 different characters in top 8…

Low tier tournaments are for games like MvC2, where Top 8 has 6 Storm/Sent/Anti Air assist teams and 2 people using MSP.


I don’t really see why there is a need for this with how close the tiers are in this game. Heck, we currently have a Top 10. Compare that to games like 3S where you only see 4-5 characters on top most of the time.


We replaced the SSFIV:AE monthly tournament at our locals with a Vanilla one two months ago, for the laugh.

I’d forgotten just how scary Sagat was in that game.

And we’d all forgotten you had to unlock characters…

Fun, though! :slight_smile:


Blanka would finally be top tier in SF4. Just add in Hawk!


Low-tier tournaments are for games where low tier is not viable.

AE 2012 is not one of them.


haha poor hawk can’t even catch a break in a low tier tourney.