What do U want in kof XII? character specific console extras?


ok, after seeing all the vids of XII, what do you think of it and what could it have used. we all know that the 1 winpose and no character intros are fucked up, but what do you miss about certain characters? if you wanna make character specific comments then by all means.

terry: he needs the busta wolf IMO. the powerdunk wouldnt hurt either IMO. also a command overhead would be nice if the crackshoot isnt one. though this aplies for all the characters IMO.

clark: he needs to buff up some more. his running grab needs to return. hes one of the few characters who doesnt seem that dead with just one dm. but only 2 moves is unexcusable. the more options, the better. an AA grab would be nice too.

theres a lot more, but im more interrested in the more important features they forgot about a certain character or certain moves not used.


Kyo: Recka Punches.

That’s about it. I would cream my jeans if Yamazaki and Geese/Rugal return.


-More stages, since there’s only around 5 atm.
-Give Clark his Napalm Stretch, Run Grab, and Frankensteiner back. (I have a feeling the reason these were cut out was due to expensive grab animations)
-Terry needs another move, whether it be Round Wave, Power Dunk, or whatever. (Maybe even another DM) Make it happen.
-Besides the semi-confirmed characters, another AOF fighter. King or Yuri will do.
-Bring back the advantage system if it hasn’t already, to at least give people a better reason to make comebacks.
-Give Athena her teleport back.
-Give Raiden a more useful Poison Mist.
-Give Kensou back his Psycho Ball and make his DM more useful.
-Add Character Intros


Geese! …


everything Proto Cloud said-Terry needs that POWA DUNK!


and kyo’s rekkas


Rock and for this game to hurry the fuck up and release

  • More stages
  • More characters (I guees K’ and Mai are confirmed already, but I’d really like to see King, Blue Mary or Yamazaki)
  • More DMs for the characters that only got one.
  • Character intros, and animations for the sidelined teammates to display when you’re winning/losing a battle.

Having not played the game yet I can’t comment on any gameplay tweaks/improvements.


I was thinking of an alternate version to the good old sidelines, As the opponent falls over, you see the opponent walk into screen, doing a special intro (sort of like the hop in, but the camera pans to them as they’re warming up and saying something before stepping up to the pace, and the opponent can react and get back in his/her stance) Kind of Reminds me of like Wrestling entrances. A Unique reflection on the whole team aspect and giving characters more time to shine.


Yeah, I think something like that could work, Phoenix Azure. Matter of fact, it kinda sounds like the character introductions in Groove on Fight… XD

If Terry had to get another move, I’d prefer Fire kick! XD I’ve just always liked that move. EX Terry in KoF 98UM was just great to me. I’d rather save BUSTA WULF till Terry dons his bomber jacket again… I wouldn’t MIND it here per say, but it would just have to be gorgeously animated.

I love KoF XI’s Kasumi Todoh a lot. It’d be great to see her in the game… But, err, yeah.

I really thing Giving more functions for single DMs, to character that just have one, seems reasonable, but if they where to give more DMs…

I’d like see Kenou get another one. Maybe an original Ranbu-style bum rush.

I still don’t know Chin’s moves well! But I’d wish for him to have SOMETHING involving Fire back. Either blowing flames again, or setting himself on fire. Or maybe have him whip sake out of his jug, while lighting it on fire, for a quick fire wall.

I’d like to see Chin with SOMETHING with range. Sake Jug whip, or maybe a modified version of the old spit.

Adding one more mix up to Joe’s Punch blitz combo ender. Hasn’t he always had a variation?

If Terry got something new, then 1 new thing to Andy, either a command “throw”, another DM, or something.

Ryo looks fine from what I’ve seen. I LIKE the Tiger stance, though… Heck, even if he could take the stance for some kinda hit parry or something, it’d still be cool.

Robert seems to have everything he needs. As does Benimaru. Raiden looks awesome from what I’ve seen, why would he need Improved poison breath? I mentioned clark in a previous post, so nothing to say there. Goro also looks like he has everything he needs, but I leave that up to people who actually play the man, to vote on…

I’d rather have Phoenix Arrow DM for Athena than Teleport, but that’s only because Tele never worked well for me, where as PA worked awesomely.

Minus all the previous things I’ve said in other post (Like about Clark needing his runs, and characters taking “Defeat!” damage in ways from special KOs, like Terry losing his hat), that’s all I can think of off the top of my head.


I’m not going to make a list, because there’s just one thing I feel is of the utmost importance for the next game:

Take out this stupid forward+C or forward+D system of doing far-range attacks. I fucking hate getting an accidental unbufferable far normal move when I am right in the opponent’s face. This should never ever happen! I know they probably did this because of the whole Critical Counter thing, but it’s retarded. And yes there are ways around it (use a crouching C for bufferable moves whenever possible instead of standing C), but I shouldn’t need to do that when I could just hold forward in every other KOF ever.

  • Lofty, but 7 more characters :] [ Eliza,K’,Mai,King,Vanessa,Ramon,Blue Mary]
  • More stages
  • More fine tuning additions, character intros, falling animations, victory poses.
  • More special moves for some characters[ Clark, Ralf, Terry more noticable ]
  • At least 2 dms/character.
  • Terry alt. costume in Garou bomber jacket. [ would be awesome ]
  • Perhaps another usage for Special meter, other than DM’s.


check og site for updated team FF movies.


This too.


Cameos by other characters.
More stages
Alternate costumes.
Animated intro
Special intros/winposes

-Kyo’s j.dwn+C
-return of Mu Shiki and being able to connect it from lights.
-RED Kick
-Alt costume being his costume from MI.
-Ash gains his MIRA special. back_fwd+K.


We all know what happens if this the case… :rofl: :rofl: :devil:


that my friend, is something that wont be fixed in XII, and i can see how it can be really bothersome. especially for characters who dont have a cancelable d+C so only a s C.

since you played the game the most out of most posters what else you feel should be added? especially character specific shit. like does joe really miss his QCB+K or is it not needed anymore, meaning he can do just fine cause hes got other/better options available now. shit like this would be nice to hear from somebody who knows the game.


I know it’s not going to be changed in the console version, I mean it needs to be changed for the next game. All the other changes people are posting in this thread aren’t going to happen in console either.

And yes I still feel like Ralf and Clark were rushed in and there’s no good reason to limit their moveset as much as they did, unless they were worried about them becoming too powerful (definitely not happening with Clark!). I’m not making a list of all the stuff I want because I don’t really bother posting in wishlist threads… if I ever get really bored I’ll make a list but I’d rather discuss what’s in the game than dream about what was left out.