What do we know about the Japanese MvC3 players?

Some seem to know something about them, Tokido said that he was 3rd best and that a certain Nemo was 1st. All I know about him from youtube is this:

He looks solid but hardly someone that can give Justin Wong a run for his money the way Tokido can. I know that he’s playing a new team now and that team is supposedly a lot better, but in the same tournament you have two guys who seemed to be better:

That Frieda in particular looks really dangerous. But I guess most of you guys have seen these videos and there are apparently better MvC3 players hiding somewhere out there. Someone in the Tokido vs Wong thread said that there’s a Katsuda guy who beaten Nemo and Tokido with Modok, Hsien-ko and Super Skrull, something I find extremely hard to believe. So, does anyone have any other information about these Japanese MvC3 guys?

I really like to watch this guy SpinKing (play a lot online, maybe the Japanese Viscant) who uses a team very similar to Frieda and exactly the same as my own.

Edit: He’s the guy who discovered you can DHC glitch off of Crazy Dance.

i dont play mvc3 but afaik frieda and spinking can be considered as japan top mvc3 players, with spinking being higher up…

they participated in an event “final roundbats japan” last may, i forgot who won but those two players were really good.

vids of the event aint up yet though (i think)

Check Smoai2010’s u2b if you wanna see JP MvC3.

Not difficult to believe at all, op. I remember one mvc1 big tournament was one by A Jin up against the usual war machines striderines and Gambits at the time. If he’s getting gold assist lei lei on his modok and using skulls resets and big damage then he’ll have a deadly team. If there’s one thing Japanese players have proved over the years is that it can be done.

Who was the guy who had videos on the front page a while back that was using a Hulk Spencer (someone else) team? That guy has some crazy nice setups.

If you find that katsuda thing hard to believe, that was because I made it up. I’m sorry.

What we DO know however, is that Japan has been watching us. That they are willing to win, and that they are not squeamish about picking OP characters.

And the best that they could come up with so far is…

Day 1 Wolverine technology, straight from Wong who coached Tokido. Even Daigo is using it, which tells you something. Mago plays Magneto/Amateratsu/Sentinel and didn’t even make top 8 at Revelations.

So barring a massive metagame shift (which may very well happen) the best bet is that a combination of BFF and AoA lovebirds are what we are going to see.

They say he’s 8 foot tall, with fiery red hair, arms as thick as tree trunks, and a gaze that pierces the very soul…

LOL nice fake rumours! I’ve seen some Nico vids and he plays cross handed on a jtag xbox using patches that aren’t out yet made by David Sirlon and Ono

Btw tokido is notorious for picking the most OP easy mode characters so I wouldn’t read too much into what Japan does or doesn’t do from his play. Also I don’t think anyone in any country needs Justin to figure out wolverine. I might as well say “we’ve learned that Americans are overweight Chinese Men who like playing as women”

Lastly, from my experience in Asia they figure out most stuff themselves. I really doubt they’re huddled up in A-Cho watching Wednesday night fights and murmuring “ahhh utura-Davida-san kommenturu technorogee”

Yeah, but Daigo going the Wolverine Akuma route is pretty telling. Probably has AoA lovebirds in the pocket as well. And Wong did coach Tokido on how to play wolverine, one of them openly admitted Wong coached Tokido over Facebook.

SHOCK! But what r we gonna do if japan comes to evoo and wins OUR GAME?? Wong is traitor! Exterminate!

Threads these days…

they learn quickly!

Hey guys I just found an infinite with arthur!!!

They copy everything from us.

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I’m curious…about why you posted that in this thread.

Off-topic post made when I was tired, I wouldn’t look too much into it. Considering Art doesn’t even have a proper jump, he wouldn’t have an infinite.

Any word on any other jap players going to evo besides freida?