What do y'all think of this game mythicblades?

looks like a SFEX,Soul Calibur,MK hybrid type PC game (patches for balance?) or am I wrong?


I played the demo It seemed aight? Not sure if it’s broken?
so watcha think? :karate:

fixed it.

Thus far I’ve already emailed the guy about one infinite in the demo (in case you’re too lazy, it’s Hippolyte LS[hold],qcb+HS) and he seems quite nice, ready to patch the game and listen to complaints and whatnot.

It’s too bad the game is horrible in so many ways that aren’t as easy to fix. (The jump speed and instant supers alone…)

The game would be nice if the supers were given startup, dear lord. Still, if they manage to patch it a HELL of a lot, I’d consider it.

terrible game

i laugh at this shitty game. i bet iranian software engineers can make a better piece of shit than that.


Isn’t EX just as floaty and it still gets alot of love and the guy is willing to fix it, one more question better than MK DECP? :clap:

Yeah, with some patching to fix the really obvious problems we could decide whether it was a good game or not. The code needs to be tightened (cf. magical wall knockdowns, incorrect combo meter, “juggling” a grounded opponent, wacky controls) for starters, and supers need startup.

A new fighting game comes out from someone who’s actually willing to listen to feedback… and the majority response from everyone here is to just knock it down and laugh.

Surprise, surprise. :bluu:

Not really, notice how the majority actually give feed back and some even say they might give it a chance if he fixes some glaring problems

Yeah, pardon me; I saw the two or three “this game sucks” posts and kinda spoke without thinking.

it happens.

I hope the guy fixes it, i’d try it but i don’t like 3d really, hope you guys don’t get mad at me for that but lol i’ts the truth. It looks nice though.

i don’t really hold much hope for a game made by someone who is evidently so uninformed about how fighting games work that he would give characters supers with 0 startup…not unless he gets a lot of help from people who actually know about FGs anyway.

the gameplay isnt 3D

yea I’d say it’s most like SFEX imo, with graphics like MK DECEPTION, geez this could be something, a great a game we could do it man…

but 12 charas and a lot needs to be fixed