What do y'all think of this SNES/SFC Fighter?

Bastard!, game off the anime/manga, video ripped from my Super Famicom system

It’s kinda unique in its own nature, like a fighter mixed with action.

Um…Castlevania? Yeah I like it, Castlevania is a cool series, never considered it akin to a fighter though.

You sure you linked the right vid?

Here: [media=youtube]2YWZbiXTaIY[/media]

Bastard was a really cool manga series, that game looks pretty spiffy. Really nice loking graphics.

Eh the match was long, and it was mostly all projectiles be launched back and forth. Personally I’d rather play a game like Wind Jammers if it’s going to be all about head to head projectiles.

ive tried playing Bastard!!! but as much as i love the manga/show i just couldnt get into it

I like the perspective of the match though i think this thing wears off after a while. not my kind of fighter.

oh and that castlevania game look sweet. the pc engine was definitely better than the snes.

It looks like Mode 7 Destrega.

Wind Jammers =:tup:
Castlevania Rondo Of Blood=:tup:

I don’t get it, how can the flying character possibly lose? That game seems like it would super ultra broken. Interesting idea though.

Gara has good aim against flying characters if you can use it well enough.
Gara seems to be the only character that has a throw. Once you and your opponent go parallel, simply hit the R shift button. I would’ve whored that out, but it would’ve made the video boring as hell.

What really sucks is I think Cobra team made it so you can’t pull off any of the fancy magic explosions that the CPU can do.