What do you call the stuff that gets on gamepads and mice?


You know what I’m talking about; the stuff with a wax-like texture that gets on gamepads and computer mice when you’ve been holding them long enough that you have to scrape off.


It’s called smegma.


Dick cheese.


A yeast infection.

Quit scratching your vag before playing WoW.


Your mom’s vag juices. Tell her to stop being so fucking nasty. Gross ass bitch.


Cheeto dust.






good question bro i think its a fungus that grows on the mice and gamepad from too much heat.


Uh, I actually wash my hands so I don’t know wtf you’re talking about. >_>


Weed, alcohol, and burrito filling

Edit: and semen. How did I forget semen?


We’re talking video game players here. The only correct answer is that it’s a result of “Dorito Fingers”.

Stop being a fat fuck and wipe your hands before you resume playing.


Inside controller grooves and between buttons: grime, scurf, scuzz
Inside the roller bar on mice: lintballs, aka fuzz-huggies


I don’t know what the real name for it is called, but from now on I’m calling it “BeGuiled”.