What do you carry your stick with?

Been looking for a bag for my SFxT Fightstick Pro (used to carry it in a duffel bag, but want something that looks a bit nicer than a beat up nike gym bag), edging towards the “sling” style messenger bags but I’m not sure which ones are big enough to fit it.

Saw this at the Capcom store:http://shop.capcom.com/store/capcomus/en_US/pd/ThemeID.1944700/productID.243762500/Capcom-Arcade-Pro-Fight-Stick-Bag.html

I’m not too sure about the size of it though, as the TE is quite a bit smaller than the Fightstick Pro?

I know I can get this: http://shop.capcom.com/store/capcomus/en_US/pd/ThemeID.1944700/productID.244121100/SFXT-Arcade-Pro-Fight-Stick-Bag.html but this is honestly fucking ugly with the yellow all over it.

So, any suggestions?

Madcatz Messenger and Carrier. Also Qanba Bag might fit.

You can adapt existing messenger and laptop bags as well if you have some time and maybe some sewing skills
Cutting some soft-cell foam might work as support for the joystick.

I use one out of 3 things, depending on what stick I’m carrying and what else I might need to be carrying at the same time:

  • a medium-small Puma-branded messenger bag (just a small or medium stick)
  • Mad Catz Messenger bag (a single medium to large stick, and possibly other controllers or games)
  • some random Dell laptop bag that I had lying around (fits both my two portable sticks well together, and maybe some games/controllers)

My arms wrapped around it?

Madcatz messenger bag. Convenient and affordable.

http://store.gameshark.com/catalog/60890_sm.jpg **Arcade FightStick Carrier **http://store.gameshark.com/catalog/60891_sm.jpg Arcade FightStick Messenger™
Both can fit it.

I use a backpack. Any backpack. Cheap and convenient.

You can buy suitcase or audio equipment handlespretty cheap. Drill two holes, attach, and you never have to worry about a case again except for when you think it might get handled roughly, like at the airport.

I’m thinking of getting the Madcatz Carrier (not the messenger) because it’s still pretty cheap and I’m not the biggest fan of messenger bags.

But does the stick itself fit into the hole? IIRC the Madcatz Carrier was designed for the TE and not the SFxT Pro (which has more width), so wouldn’t the stick portion not fit into the hole as seen here:


my hands

Only person I’ve seen with the backpack had a PRO stick in it, but he had a towel stuffed at one end because he felt the PRO stick doesn’t completely fill out the bag portion depth wise.

I use the evo stick bag. Its not too bulky and fits the TE pretty well.

Sorry to bump this thread up. Does anyone know if the vs. stick will fit in the capcom arcade pro fightstick bag?


I was planning to go to evo but the only stick I have is a mad catz vs.

the color and material is not very appealing, but it does the job quite well =)


My boxers.

Oh wait… that stick… The handle I have drilled on it.

Nobody cares about how you handle your stick.

I use my man bag when i dont feel like carrying too many things…Just enough for my stick, maybe some advil, gummy bears, & small bottle of water…

If its a far drive, i bring my big bag…Can fit my stick, laptop, 1 day supply of food & water, survival weapons,rope, & extra clothes…

I don’t plan on taking any of my arcade sticks out the house but want a nice bag to fit it in on top of an enclosed shelf since there’s no more room in there for additional sticks. Thinking about the Qanba.