What do you consider dedication to fighting games?

This has been a question i have thought about a bit as of late and wanted to get people’s opinions.

For me it’s spending a couple of hours a day practicing moves, combo’s, different characters, etc.

Lately I’ve been focusing my attention on 3rd Strike and CvS2, spending a few good hours on each since lately I’ve been getting my ass handed to me in both. Other than spending time I would consider seeking out these games as well, specifically one’s you like. I’ve made it a goal to collect the “Core” fighting games, and I’m even spending cash on an import PS2 fr some more games. Some of my friends think it’s a tad extreme, but that’s understandable from someone without a competitive nature.

I share the same opinion especially on the collecting part

Same, except substitute ST for 3S and the fact that I play a few other games like Arcana Heart Full and Guilty Gear(on the side for the meanwhile).

Dedication is playing until you can’t play no more and attending tournies to get better. That’s how it is for me.

You must play the game for 43 hours a day to be truly dedicated!! Anything less would be poser status!

43 hours is more than one day :stuck_out_tongue:

Anywho, i’d say it’s cursing out newbs for commenting on fighting games.

Hours upon hours of practice is dedication. Dedication is also putting up with numerous losses and getting owned plenty of times and learning from those experiences and using them to achieve success.

Another thing I noticed is that dedicated players are willing to spend more money to get what they want. Plenty of us spend loads of money on games, arcade sticks, import games, modded consoles and for a few of us arcade cabinets. Not to mention gas for transportation…

I also noticed dedicated players are willing to travel A LOT to find competition, meet new people, and do what they’re best at.

Dedication is NOT Johnny Dickhead trapped in his house playing against the AI all the time with his dualshock2.

I’m 115% sure that was a joke, boss.

Also, before you tell me I can’t be over 100% sure of something, I already know.

Dedication just implies that you stick to it even when it’s not easy. If you only played a game when you’re not giving anything else up, that’s not dedication. If you pass up a night of drinking with your buddies to go to a tournament, that’s dedication. Good or bad, that’s up to you to decide.

Dedication is:

  1. Getting over your own ego.
  2. Creating and helping a ‘scene’ to grow
  3. Bettering your game with each encounter.


-also getting more people to play fighters.

Getting to the arcade that is 1 hour from your home almost everyday to be better/get your ass kicked… thats decication

Lmao, priceless.

Oh and, I think Daidoji Kage hit it right on the head with his reply. Practice is a standard given, it just comes with the lot. But what Kage here said, is the real meat of it. The stuff that you discover after having actually dedicated yourself, and broken past that superficial stuff.

The toughest of those three he listed is often getting over one’s ego. Once we do that, getting better gets easier, and the scene seems to naturally develope where there’s passionate people.

I agree with these 2. :slight_smile:

Quickest ways to come up in the sf competitive scene.

WTF, JUST 43 hours? Fucking pansy.

when you go to the library just to check on an update of a game…(if you dont have a computer for right now)

when you claim that you will crush all in a game thats not out yet

when you pre-order a game…thats dedication

when you skip work or any other business event to go gaming events

I say getting over your own ego is number one, without that you’ll never get any better. Then comes practice, tournaments, seeking other people out, etc.

Also, being willing to spend all that money on sticks!

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when you have the daigo parry vid saved in your favorites on youtube.

Oh, well I lose…

I think dedication is coming back to the scene everyday even after being humiliated. Dedication has always been about determination; practicing your ass off helps, too…


Actually you can’t be over 9000% sure of something