What do you consider is "having your stuff together"?


I was in one of my classes and as usual they get off topic and start talking about random things (including the teacher)

This time they were talking about people (mostly men) having their “stuff together” and it piqued my interest a little.

It got me thinking what is “having your stuff together”? I’ve been thinking about it and here’s what i have.

  1. A stable job

  2. Your own place

  3. You’re educated

  4. Hygiene/Groom

  5. Body Fitness

That’s all i can think of. I personally don’t have all of those things yet, but I’m working on it.

Whats your opinion?


In my book it means being an outspoken and disingenuous asshole. Nobody has all their eyes dotted and tees crossed. Rich people just have the money and power to make a mistake seem smaller than it really is.


Pretty much this.

If the majority of people aren’t shying away from you or treating you like trash, chances are, you’re fine.

But we DO live in society, and as much as I hate to say it, the opinion of others matter.

A few years ago I was a sloppy dresser, the second I started caring about the way I looked, a more diverse crowd of people started to hold conversations with me.


You don’t say…


I would say waking up in the morning with a sense of purpose in life. Can’t say I’m there yet, but I’m hoping to change that soon…


Seriously? There’s nothing wrong with living life in a “successful” way. Just because you happen to fit in to the expected mold (I’m not among these people) that doesn’t mean you’re being disingenuous. This just means that you like to live your life that way. If you become successful, whatever that may mean to you, then it’s all good.
No one ever has all of their shit together but just because you don’t wear it on your sleeve doesn’t mean you’re being disingenuous.


The exact opposite of this video



“Disingenuous” is meant to imply that the boastful person knows full well that they aren’t in control of everything that could possibly break them. So you’re right, they could just be delusional.

It’s crazy to think that in a great recession that could have easily been a great depression, anyone, wealthy or successful or no, could say to me with a straight face that they have their lives completely in order, and not expect me to bust up laughing.


Most people basically stumble through life poor, dumb, intoxicated and angry.

They are mashing at life.
Having your shit together means knowing the match ups (relationships with the people around you), knowing your combos (resources and how to use them), having good strategy and tactics (skills and education), understanding the meta (the politics and philosophy that guides your life) and finally, the perseverance to not be a scrub (don’t ask for buffs or nerfs, learn your character and always seek to get better)…


smart networking = ROM infinite


Not really. Iron Galaxy made disingenuous statements about 3sOE. The FGC is in no real position to break them though, or even claim a refund.

Point 3 in the OP = :blush:


The things is, people who have their shit together don’t TALK about having their shit together, they’re too busy making fucking moves.

The fact that they notice you means they are in the same place as you.

So, chances are someone tells you that you need to “get your shit together”, look at them.

I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone that, who the hell am I?

A college student who just got a decent job?


Being happy with whatever it is you do
Whether this is through having a job and making money or sitting at home playing video games all day. As long as you can actively say that you are enjoying your life and have no regrets or worry about the what-if’s then as far as I can tell you’ve got your shit together.


I see what you’re saying and I largely agree. I think any person, boastful or not, is lying to some degree if they say they’ve got all of their shit straight. But then if we wanted to poke around at when a person says they’ve got their life completely in order we start to dabble in simple social norms that help things go along (saying “how’s it going” when you couldn’t give a shit less, telling the cashier your day has been fine whether it has or not, etc.)

So if you mean it in the sense that they believe it themselves then I totally agree with you :wink: But if we’re only talking about when they say it then we’ve got a conflict. (Don’t you love semantics? :P)


OK thanks lol fixed


Pretty much being independent and self sufficient. I think what you listed in the OP was a pretty good idea. Although one doesn’t have to be educated or fit. Its more just having a stable financial and emotional situation.


Yeah, what these other dudes said. I’m 32 and still don’t have all my shit together.


I think you have your shit together if you can get through your day without fucking up anybody else’s.


Right now, I’m trying to get into the video games industry now that I have a bit more experience. I was OK with the life I had before except I hated my job. So I made some sacrifices to get to where I am now, and I find that I’m still struggling to reach my goal.

Basically, all I want is the life I had before:
[]Own place
]Driving my own car (it’s currently parked indefinitely)
[*]Practicing Karate
But with the added bonus of making games for a living. I’m not interested in living glamorously; I tell myself that if I ended up with millions of dollars, I wouldn’t change my lifestyle because I don’t see the need to live fancier. I don’t want to one-up anybody, and I don’t think it’s wise to send a message to the world. I would feel more secure knowing that I’d be OK if my livelihood took a dive.

I’m at a point in my life where all the people I grew up with are married and have kids, but I have nothing like that. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t lonely, but a relationship is the least of my worries. My belief is that you should have your personal shit in order before getting involved in someone else’s life so that you don’t burden them with your mess on top of whatever they’re dealing with. We spend a good deal of our lives making money one way or another, so I think it’s important to spend that time doing something you truly enjoy, rather than pulling a Homer Simpson and getting a job merely as a means to support your family. My old friends have families of their own now, but I wonder if their lives were in an acceptable order before taking that step.

tl;dr version: I’m in Dirzzt’s position: 32 and don’t have everything together.


This, i feel is the closest definition.

You can’t tie it to mental/physical/financial stability because even the rich don’t quite got their stuff together (take that as you want)