What do you consider to be "skill" in fighting games?

I’m relatively new to the community having followed fighting games since the days of SF4 and MvC3. I would like to gain a deeper insight on your thoughts on “skill” in fighting games as gamers.

There are a whole range of things that affect how people perceive the definition of “skill” in different fighting games. Do you think skill is subjective to an individual or is it perhaps something viewed as a standard in the FGC?

For existing or new players or players interested in playing fighting games at a competitive level, what key elements to do you believe make up “skill” in fighting games and why?
In turn, why do you think new players have difficulty in reaching a certain level of skill in fighting games?

Some points related to skill may include:
• Execution
• Game peripherals (arcade sticks, game pads, keyboards etc.)
• Cultures
• Communities (FGC or other game communities)
• Psychological Strategies (e.g. baiting the opponent, reads)
• Player Research (e.g. learning about character’s tools and matchups)
• Gender (perceptions of gender in the context of skill in fighting games)
• Environment (e.g. local arcade set-ups, playing online, personal space)

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