What do you do after a Denjin hits?

If all goes well, the Denjin hits and the opponent is stunned, how do you follow that up?

My usual tactic is c.mk xx MK Hurricane Kick. Are there any better ones out there?

just do the usual j.hp, c.hp xx Fk Hurricane

Word up, you can build bar pre doing this combo as well.

yup, cant go wrong with that combo. Sometimes your to far to land the c.fp tatsu part, jump in fp, c.mk, fk tatsu is probably you best option in that case. I’d go for the double fierce combo every chance though.

I usually land a j.hp, c.hp xx hp.shoryuken.

That combo Ken34 mentions is impossible isn’t it???

If I’m standing very close to the stunned opponent, I start building bar because usually they dont try and mash out of the stun when you’re right next to them. If it looks like they aren’t mashing, I press mp 5 times (might be 6) and then go for HP,HP,EX joudan etc combo.

i prefer j.hp, st.hp xx mk joudan

I do what amen does, j.fp, st.hp, mk. Joudan. It usually puts them in a corner or close to it and throw some pressure on them after that. Ryu can do a whole lot of damage in a corner.

I used to use the j.fp, cr.hp, fk.Tatsu, but i didnt like positioning that it gave me. I’d rather have my opponent in the corner because it limits what they can do and land effectively. It’s like Math, less variables in any equation makes it easier.

i just dont know which stuns the most, joudan or tatsumaki? you could also do some c. mp to add into your meter

Stun doesn’t really matter on a post-stun combo. When you hit someone off of stun, it does significantly less stun then it would have normally. Basically Capcom ensuring no re-stun combo bullshit :rofl:

j.hp, c.hp, hk tatsu deal more damage and the same stun and put them also in the corner.

-edit- Also all this is in the Ryu: General Strategy / Combos / Matchups thread, not need for a new thread just for this.

True, the only problem with that is the positioning. It’s just a personal preference really. I can deal with not doing the few extra damage to get better positioning for my play style. I do use both combos though, i switch it up sometimes to avoid being predictable. That and the joudan dosent whiff on anyone once the combo starts $$

yeah wouldn’t want to be predictable on a stunned opponent… wtf? also i’m pretty sure hurrican shouldn’t wiff on any stunned characters but i may be wrong on that.

some opponent are really excellent in teching out stun within 2 seconds .

most people can desperately revive from stun within 2.5 seconds or 3 seconds .

but i still prefer death countdown :stuck_out_tongue: , a supermove that does little damage to the opponent , but the opponent got a special countdown to die . Gen from sfa3 ,and kenshiro’s “stungun” super .

really , because you are screwed when you got it .

Yeah, against a decent masher you don’t even have time to dash back (for spacing) + do the normal jump combo, let alone wiff strongs all day.

best case scenario is if the opponent parries the first two or three hits so you have time to recover and do the j.hp, hp, rh hurricane. that way you can mess up their parrying and stun them and knock them down and build that little bit of meter all before having to think about your follow up. but most times what happens is the opponent just parries the whole thing and you may get a free grab :frowning:

Denjin set ups:

Back throw dash up lp hado xx denjin
c.mk, lk hurricane, dash up lp hado xx denjin
jump in hp, standing hp, mk snap kick, dash up lp hado xx denjin
wake up lp/hp srk xx denjin
c/mk, lp srk xx denjin

Denjin Follow ups:
Jump in hp, crouching hp, hk hurricane
jump in hp, close hp, mk snap kick
jump in hp, crouching/close hp, lp srk

There are probably a few others I failed to mention, probably because they’ve already been said. (Like the good masher one)

But…hope that helps.

Denjin is fucking random, but good.

if you are going to kill the character with the 3rd hit after the stun, always use j.fp, fp, mk shiaaaaaaa