What do you do against Abel's U2?

Hi everybody,

I have some problems to avoid this U2, and it really makes me mad sometimes haha…

If you have tips, thanks to share. :slight_smile:

This could be in the q/a thread but pretty much any multi-hit ex move like ex kikoken or ex sbk will stop him, that or you can try and hazanshu over him just before he reaches you. other than that chun doesnt have much options against it other than timing a jump.

This has already been answered a few times in the Q&A thread…

You can cancel the landing frames of a jump into EX Hazan-Shu, that’s how I’ve been dealing with it.

i write capcom and tell them how dumb Abel’s U2 is

Very good tips. Thanks man.

Just be very careful and trick him on wake up mix up with :df::hk: by doing it as late as you can when he wakes up so you have time to get on the other side and be safe. There isn’t much you can do since it has armor too. I’m having an idea of doing hk spinning bird kick so he would run into the armor breaking attack (Just a theory).

Do hk sbk and watch him press PPP do a taunt then bnb you

I use to think Chun controlled this matchup very well in Vanilla, however with the addition of U2 of Abel’s, the matchup got alot tougher. I play a really good Abel in my area named Strider who punishes me hard with this Ultra alot. Best thing to do is to get you shots early in the round, once he has U2, it’s really tough to go on the offensive. Pretty much you can’t touch him on his wake up since Chun’s armor breaking move (SBK) isn’t that useful. I do alot of crossover empty jumps to bait it out. I don’t touch him on his wake up and I only fireball at max range. At close range, if he tries to randomly activate it, if you have your U2, you can catch him also.


I try to bait it by poking him with st.mp and c.mk and then cancel into hasanshu during the freeze to get out of there safe.
If you are jumping on him you can do d+mk, hit his armor and bounce off.

Forward Throw Option Select with Double Feirce punch in the air, if he activates it you go right behind him. also if he does’nt he has to take the hit or block the jump in because there is very few moves that can counter that option select.

You can even style on him and do an early headstomp on his wake up which Ultra 2 will absorb killing his armor. Yeah Abels Ultra 2 is so easy mode but there are ways around it. I can’t wait to crack Ono’s head with my TE fightstick when they start rolling out the updates, i’ll be calling nerf on that mess fast along with fixing Chun Li’s ultra 1 Juggles and Ultra 2’s mishaps.

if the person’s next to you, touch the other person’s punch button, that way he cancels the ultra… that’s what i do to my friends hahaha

i’m kidding, i don’t do that… i’ve only done it once.

just follow whatever everyone else is saying above haha they’re all valid options against abel’s U2. iono if it’s been discussed but has anyone tried EX-legs against abel’s u2?

They should make it like in MVC

stand in an empty field and shriek endlessly

Does an ex fireball work? I don’t play many abels, but that was my first thought when I thought of how to counter it.

Cancelling the landing of a jump into EX Hazanshu is good advice, but frankly I’m surprised at the lack of “Ultra 1” responses here.

Especially if I know the Abel is going to pick Ultra 2 (playing in person, usually, when I can see their choice), I always pick Ultra 1. Then when they have it and I have a life lead, I try baiting them into it by empty jumping forward near them a lot, and if they use Ultra 2 I just hit Ultra 1 as soon as Abel’s Ultra Freeze ends.

If you do it right, Abel’s Ultra takes 8 frames to start up, so even if he tries to cancel (which is also not instant, though I don’t know how many frames it is), Hosenka wins. If he doesn’t try to cancel, Hosenka breaks armor and wins. If he tries to hit you with Ultra 2, Hosenka wins.

Hosenka is great but you have very little opportunity to land it outside of nailing a foolish U2

Chun has other ways around this ultra, my personal favourite being d.mk headstomp to bounce off his stupid attack. Cancelling your landing frames into the invincible EX HSU as previously mentioned, great. Hosenka… while certainly the trump card for a naked Soulless, it requires Abel to throw that naked Soulless out. In a matchup that is so dependent on her footsies and getting damage wherever you can, walking into the fight with U1 for this express purpose seems like an unnecessary handicap.