What do YOU do at the start of the round?

The wheel of fate is turning.

Rebel 1.


What do you do? I see a lot of people online jump forward, or dash forward.
I tend to just walk or dash back, even if I’m using Jin because people tend to jump forward and leave themselves open for some anti-air.
So what do you do?

IAD -> throw -> combo


Sj back -> x projectile (pumpkin if Rachel, ice if Jin. etc).


Attack specific to character (Rachel’s 236b, Hakumen’s counter, etc.)

As tager

Standing C

Back Dash

and usually `SJ. C

Might try 360+A.

Mash d

really depends. I tend to jump back to see what they will do. Alot of player will do this to get spacing in there. If im playing a Rachel or Nu i will rush down if Im playing Arakune I will just low hit. Noel mean i will jump back and up if they try the over head while still in the air Ill air dash and hit 2c, mostly i just jump back and see what they will do which in 90% of the matchs they do the same lol

Backdash three or four times.

Really it all depends on what I think they’re going to do.

3c, 6d, or 5C.
It’s a bad habit, really x_x

I kind of depends on who I’m playing. Most of the time I just kinda take a few steps backwards and see what’s up and take the situation from there. If it’s Nu I’ll try to keep close to her with an IAD at the start of the round - something I should get out of the habit of doing.

With Haku, crouch block or jump forward. Sometimes I’ll stick 3C out there cause it can catch alot of people from that distance if they try anything that isn’t jumping. I try to use it rarely though cause if it does get jumped over, that’s not good.

lol i like how someone wrote “IAD throw combo”

may as well write “run in, HIT THEM, comboz!”

I was gonna say something like “That’s probably not the best strategy” or something, but he’ll figure it out =P
Plus, I thought he may have been trying to be sarcastic, so I didn’t want to sound like an ass and criticize em’, lol


iad back, pumpkin

6b if I think they’re gonna push a button

It depends on who I’m going against and for how long. If I’m going against a random arakune in ranked, I always start the round with a super jump attack/grab since they’re almost always super jumping backwards. If I’m going against a Jin, I always backdash to avoid a D poke. If I’m going against a ragna, I just plain block, or jump back and block, because his pokes at the start can stuff Carl’s 5C.

But against everyone else I vary it up and try to be unpredictable/read how they’re going to start.

You think as Tager, you would wanna be up in a dudes grill, no?

It depends on what I think they’re gonna do. For instance, if I’m playing a Ragna…

  1. oh noz, he’s a scrub. 360 A his dash punch.

  2. oh shit, he’s decent. Do anything but backdash and get stuffed by a 5B with gdlk priority.

Backdash is just a super-safe, always applicable option.

Unless I’m playing a knowledgable Nu, then I just put the controller down and go make a sandwich.

First round, SJ back and pumpkin. See what they do.

Second round, react to it. Normally it’s IAD j.B or 66 6A or 6DB.

No, not really

Ragna can 5b you
Rachel can Fork you
Haku can 6C you
Basically anyone can mix up

the only people I mostly always rush at the start is Tager or arakune.

My main is Nu…most of the time I start with an IAD backwards and if they do nothing or dash forward, I do 2D in the air. Against Tager I IAD backwards but usually don’t attack in case he sledges. If I don’t attack and he sledges, he’s wide open after my IAD back. If he superjumps, she can deal with that easily.

Right now I fear Taokaka the most, I don’t really know what is safe to do at the start of the round except maybe 5C?

5c 623d with carl.
5c to poke a rush in and 623d to get stuff any iad or jump in attempts.


Or backdash > HELL’S… FANG!!!

Gets most people if I time it to go off the instant hte match starts.