What do you do for a living? besides Playin dat sf Edition


i’m just curious as to what people here have as jobs or education.

i turned twenty this december myself and i haven’t started my economics education as i’m in the norwegian army atm for about three more months, have been there about nine months now.
after living out in the field in a patch-tent (i think that’s what you call it) for about 22 days (14 days was one military exercise, the second a three day military exercise and the last five days a ski-march with heavy backpacks) these two months with temperatures dropping to -4 F, i’ve considered applying for something my country has that’s called “befal skolen” which basically is a school/military service that grants you the rank of sergeant upon completion.

in short, my work consist around being a soldier bound by my obligatory military service.


I work for an insurance company after dropping out of university, I’m training to become a driving instructor.
I’m sure there’s an employment thread which is rather big, but alas I’m too tired to find it at this hour.


I work as a Boeing 787 repair mechanic.


i’m the frozen food dude at your local shit atlanta suburb supermarket.

if someone had told me this would be my sole reason for existence five years ago, i would of punched them in the mouth.