What do YOU do on knock down?

funny thing that 99% gimmicky setup that so far worked on EVERYONE. i dont know why so many people fall for it. its so funny. my friend was doing C to Shining C achievement and i told him about it.

he said it worked against **everyone **he tried it on.

forward throw, slide, stand jab, throw, slide, backdash, punish :looney:

true story.

You mean 100%, Hahaha.


Also, I’m learning to work in empty jump low short, low strong xx EX Spark. Works a good amount of the time, and the EX is there to be safe if you fucked up your link.
If you’re confident in your links, low short, low strongxx Jab Spark FADC is a ticket to big damage.

don’t lulzy at me ;[.

Why don’t you just fake j. hk so it whiffs completely and cr. lk.

godliek ;]

best rose award goes to filipinoman! ingenious! im gonna practice that for my AE tournament in 2 weeks lol

its featured in this vid: [media=youtube]dhe9LjvP7bs[/media]
But I’m unsure about the setup, empty-jump is faster and speed is necessary here. The trouble with faking a move is that you get the additional 3 landing frames, which gives them more time to spot that you actually didnt hit.

From what I’ve seen, people love to jab that empty jump though.

Eh, it depends on how your opponent plays again.

btw, instead of making people do the one frame link right away, why not turn it into a hit confirm? cr lk, cr, lp, cr lk, cr mp spiral.

Im surprised nobody said use taunt 4

Highest I go is casuals, but I tend to LP spark and go for the crossup or throw on their eventual block.

LP spark is a favorite of mine too if I want to stay safe and keep the edge, but a HP spark is almost always better. Just harder to time. You can move quicker afterwards, so there are more options

I actually just found what Taunt 4 does.
I’ve been using it constantly now.

Is taunt 4 the one where she turns around and laughs?

Yeah, that’s Taunt 4. I was always fond of Taunt 6 or 10.

I’m not really familiar with her taunts. Probably because I use her Japanese voice and I have no idea what she’s saying lol. I should use them tho to score me some angry messages sometime lol.

Btw this is offtopic but how did you do at your tourney yesterday?

I use her Japanese voice as well, since it sounds closer to her voice in Alpha. I think they’re not really that important, seeing there are better options you could do on your opponent’s wake-up, unless you think it will get to your opponent’s head, and frustrate him. I’ll let you know how I did in the tournament through PM.

I usually just throw out a soul spark and back away so i reduce my risk of getting hit.
offtopic but i usually use her taunt when i use U2 and they get hit in the air.

I love her Japanese voice and the way she pronounces the words. Soulu Spak and Soulu Spider :slight_smile: And I was joking about the taunts, I would never use them in a serious match lol. I was talking in like online casuals. But I rarely ever taunt, I only do it if they taunt me first or if I hear them yelling in the mic lol. xD

And PM is cool.

I agree with you, the way she pronounces some of the words is funny lol. If I ever decided to use a taunt, it would be when the opponent is just about to get into contact with U2, and it’s pretty much game over anyway. I’ve done that a few times.

In regards to the topic, Rose has plenty of options to continue applying pressure, and keep the opponent guessing.

I taunt all the time.

It’s fun and causes great mind games.

U2 activation kill with U2 taunt is the greatest thing ever invented.

Taunt 10 sounds fun lol. And that U2 setup with the taunt is really gdlk.

What I’ve been doing on knockdown lately is backdash, forward dash, throw. If it works then I do backdash, forward dash, cs.mk. Seems to catch many people off guard.