What do you do on wake-up against grabbers?



I am honestly having trouble with this. Characters such as R.Mika, Laura, Birdie, Zangief, Vega, and Necalli. What do you do? Seriously. Their pressure is too good. They can either hit you and end up starting a string of combos or footsie to a grab. Especially in corners. Since M.Bison doesn’t have a psycho crusher anymore, how do you escape with the pressure in the corner? I’ve tried everything. This only thing that works is being random and hoping they mess up. As for random, I mean mashing vskill then dashing, and holding up for a neutral jump. Am I missing something?


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V-reversal blocked wake up pressure and corner pressure. Don’t waste meter on a panicked V-Trigger activation.

V-reversal forces the opponents out enough to start controlling the air and ground space again and apply your own pressure.


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Jump! There’s no guaranteed way to get out of wakeup pressure, you need to read the opponent and they need to read you. If you think they’re gonna command grab you, just neutral jump and punish big.

Except against Mika in the corner, idk what to do about that nonsense.


Backdashes are actually throw invincible. That’s an option. You have to assess where they are gonna put you in the blender mix ups and pick your poison.


You just have to guess right (aka read your opponent/guess) either block, counter hit or Jump!


This is their range. They suck at longer distance, so naturally they have better options and a real mix up game.

What the other replies said. Jump means you wont get grabbed, but gief can now air grab and they all have anti airs to blow you up if they know youre going for a jump.

The only remedy is not getting into that situation in the first place, and if you do, making an educated guess.


roll back on knockdown before its an issue. avoid being in situations you dont have answers to


Being put in a wake-up position against a grabber is never fun, so it just comes down to reading the opponent’s playstyle. I’d V-Reversal in situations where you misread, and neutral jump into punish if you’re certain they’ll go in a for a throw. Then backdash or sit tight if they try to AA predicting that you’re jumping. Guess right enough times and the opponent will start to question their wake-up pressure, and that’s enough breathing room for you to get back on the offense.


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Backdash midscreen, evades throws and gets you away from people who are baiting a reversal. Loses to meaties and leaves you in a crush counter state.
Block, beats meaties and allows you to ride out block and pressure strings. Looses to command grab.
Jump away (forward or backward), allows you to escape raw command grabs and normal throws. Loses to meaties.
Combination of block and jump away. If you think you have spotted a pattern, you can block for a while and then jump.
Block into V-Reversal, beats pressure strings, but timing and spacing dependent can looses to throws off airborne jump ins, loses to raw command grab and throw.
Neutral jump, allows you to punish command grabs hard but will likely see you punished or reset if the opponent did a normal throw or was baiting. Loses to meaties.
EX.Head Press (normal and V-Trigger) 1-4 frames of hit invincibility, evades low meaties, but looses to throws, maybe anti aired and if blocked may be punished.
Critical Art, beats meaties and raw throws/command grabs, loses to baits and gets punished hard for it.

The odds are in the grappler’s favor when it comes to this guessing game, but they have earned it, they had to get in the first place, and that’s where Bison should have done his damage to them.

Or in a visualized form here are your options.


10/10 on that wheel of fortune.


Easy answer: Get thrown, and sometimes punched or kicked. :angry: