What do you do when u have mirror match team scrub's matches?

i want to know wat do i do when i have team scrub mirror matches especially wit cable,sometimes my cable gets beaten and i am only left with sent and capcom,and most people say team scrub is useless without cable since cable is at a dissanvange verses a cable,plus i try to rush down wit capcom,i want to know wats the best possible startegey to play wit team scrub, i want to know every charecters purpose of playing,capcom is a no brainer his AAAbut the other 2 would help.

                                                                       thanks-if u have any ideas or strats go rite ahead and post:D :D :D

:confused: if your tryin to say that sentinel is at a disadvantage versus cable thats not completely right. sentinel can win cable with a little work. if its versus another cable then the smarter/lucky one wins.

you can try putting sent first against cable if your smart enough with sent. it really dont matter if they try the same cuz they might try and be slick and put their cable agaisnt your sent.
cable is there for the ahvb and keepaway
sentinel is there for his drones assist, to build meter for cable, and for sent/capcom:evil:
capcom there for assist
ok beauchamp ? ok

i didnt watch da video the site is quite disturbing watching ken punch sakura thats if any of ya ppl have any more strats that can help me out with mirror match scrub go rite ahead and post some use tactics or strats :bluu: :bluu: :evil:

Cable is not at a disadvantage vs. cable, it’s neutral most people just can’t fight against another cable that’s when people like me will kick your no experience cable with a ahvb, just think about what you do and see the weaknesses and if you are advanced your opponent will try to do what you do, and if you see him open ahvb x 3 ^_^…

cable vs cable

LOTS OF THROWS, no tk grenades unless an assist has them pinned down and ur going into a 100% safe block string…for whatever reason, if ur thinking of doing a light viper beam to chip in the air, don’t, its AHVB’able…cable vs cable includes a lot of sj. throw a lk grenade, then come down and wavedash towards the opponent or do two manual launchers to build a little meter. a trick to building meter also is sj’ing then on the way down b4 u hit the ground do a rh, it should come out, and you should hardly be able to see it but u still get meter for a rh and it is 100% safe. also, a lot of cables like to jump forward at you…use ur jumping lp guardbreak

Sj and throw a lk grenade.

Can’t the other cable just sj and hp cancel to HVB your ass?

you can guardbreak after an airthrow in midair, after throwing your opponent on the other side while you’re midair you can fire a bullet right before you fell. if he blocks it then it’ll guard break AHVB away or if he got hit same thing. alot of peeps forgot to do this.

if you are fast enough you can crossup a jumping cable, just dash under and launch with the manual launcher and AHVB up there. do this if he gets enough of your crossups using the crouching lk’s blah blah AHVB.

air lp got high priority

just be patient! but dont end up a PATIENT!:lol:

You can guard break after a tech hit, not a throw.

I believe cross up with the lk combo is much better since you can do ahvbx3 afterwards, and lk is faster/more priority than mp anyways.

allow me to rock the knowledge for a tad…

scrub vs scrub, if you cocky you can start sentinel against cable. Basically your sentinel is gotta be two levels higher than the cable your playing otherwise you and your assist will surely perish.

if you want to win you start cable no matter what they start (button switch glitch of course) and then you rough it out. If they start sentinel and you have a decent cable you should rape them.

if somehow your cable gets raped, by the opposing sentinel, you either dont know how to use cable, or the sentinel is on a higher plane. In that case you’re probably gonna loose cause he is going to kick the shit out of your sentinel.

scrub on scrub is gay. play santhrax and run awayyyyyy

since this thread is up and running again…yes, he can do that…if you throw a lk grenade from full screen unaided…who does that though?

and i ain’t sure i agree with u either bananas…cable with one meter vs. sent/AAA is startin to get better and better. not saying a cable can’t beat out a sent, but that cable, after beatin the sent (assuming he is worn down by the cable vs. sent match, can’t GB cable too cleanly since the regular ol gb doesn’t work, and basically it is a guessing game)…and if the cable doesn’t GB the other cable…i’d say the OTHER cable has the best chance of winning BY FAR.

sent can do things when cable only has one meter that he can’t do normally, like trap, drones become more and more effective, and if you say juss use the meter, well then rh drones to cover a manual tag in does GREAT on cable since your out of meter, and cable is sj’ing while sent’s life is real low you can sometimes sneak in random tag in

juss some thoughts…maybe i suck n u r ryte

basically, i rape sent with cable by blocking counter assisting with commando and mash drones, the good ol’ shit. The only difference is that i rape sent without using my bars. And without doing dumb shit until i have at LEAST three bars.

Lets say i have three bars, wtf is sent/aaa gonna do? Drop him assist and super jump. NO!

he’s gonna fucking get shot, and if he drop his assist they both die. I like to spread out the amount of bars i put in sentinel, so i always have at LEAST two. So when cable comes in he might have five but i have a full cable, and full sentinel. And two to three bars. So…cable should get guard broken.

Even if cable puts three in my cable and two in sent that still leaves me to fight cable with capcom anti-air. Which is a fight that sent can win easier than cable w/ drones

true…im just saying…like sent vs cable is getting better IMO…ONE slip by cable and kiss his ass goodbye…but yeah…cable ownz up sent pretty bad sometimes…but gettin three meters isn’t THAT easy of a task IMO…

well i mean it depends

sent/cc vs. cable/cc - im assuming cable has levels because a cable with no levels is an easy prey. you want to stay ontop of cable and put as much pressure as you can. try to work him into the corner. sj and flying and holding forward is pretty good. also if you are facing a cable that’s sjing alot and doing fierce punch or jsut trying to build meter, try wavedashing and sjing right under him. his air jab is pretty good and you can make someone pay with 60% or more. or if you have a feeling they are going to block you can always sj and throw and sometimes, depending on where you are on the screen, you can catch them with a lk while they are falling and make them pay with 60 or more. fp upclose to stop him from sj. fyling roundhouse upclose near the ground for coverage. low fierceXXflyXXunfly is good but dont become too predictable. also remember to wage assist wars. when they call cc, get close and call cc. sentinel is pretty safe when normal jumping because he falls so weird. he tapers sort of.

cable vs. cable - this fight is about patience. you just have to wait. air jab has good priority so if someone keeps normal jump roundhousing without an jump jab fierce XX ahvb is good. tk grenade is pretty safe as long as you have a level to cancel immediately with. sj and rh before you hit the ground is a good level builder. if you have sent-g then pattern it.

sent vs. sent - try to stay ontop and dont committ to anything before they do because you can go around just about anything in flight(too fast!) and punish it. remember to hurt their commando too.

i dunno there’s alot i could write but be specific and i’ll try to help

I having trouble right now with Cable/Sent/CC I always lost in Cable vs. Cable that scrub keeps building meter with Sent Drones (he’s not good in air) and I can’t do nothing but defend and get chipped:bluu:. How can I win him and build meter with Cable WHITOUT being punished even for a s.Roundhouse:(

Sorry about my grammar, I’m still learnig english T_T:p

so …usally is not a good idea to fly and unfly with sentinel against a cable if ur commando is gone…?

i’d fall back on the same “depends on the situation shit” but that ain’t gonna cut it, is it? :lol:

if cable’s in corner you can usually try playing a safe stomp sent (watch JWong’s sent, the turtle king has a pretty safe sent :cool: )… but only if your sent is really solid.

but i have to agree with bananas on this, cable should be on point in mirror matches.

i goto the store or play something else because teams crub mirror match is boring as hell

Don’t play like a SCRUB

soooo…lets say that for some reason you both start cable, or better yet lets say you wanna start sent vs cable (in scrub vs scrub match)

here’s the general idea: cable rapes sent midscreen, he has way to much range, you can’t really call you assists and protect them. The best way to win this fight is to lure cable into the corner. Cable is always retreating backwards, therefore this will usually put him into a corner. When he gets in the corner sentinel can start beating the shit out of cable. Bait out his assists and use safe stomp patterns to punish assists and also a lot of cables like to jump up and gun you back down. Just wait for them to do this and then you can fast fly them/ throw them.

There are a bunch of mixups you can do to cable when he’s in the corner. The tricky part is that a good cable will know that you are trying to put him in the corner and will try to escape. That’s why marvel is so great, there is always a counter strategy.

okay…like u said…sent vs cable STARTING out…why does sent need to cover his assists? what is cable gun do…one or two AHVB? i guess…two ahvb’s don’t kill many assists [i ain’t a scrub, i know about resetting the beam]…iono; i ain’t saying cable doesn’t win…im sayin all this shit 'bout “if you start cable he rapes sent” isn’t as true as many s&t frequenters think it is