What do you do when u have mirror match team scrub's matches?

B up there is law, listen up chumps…

Btw, man the fuck up and start sentinel on their cable. build bars with your demise:lol:

hmmm…why does sentinel need to cover his assists? give me a break. You have to be really careful where and when you choose to drop your assists.

Y? Cause two vipers can potentially kill your assist. If you lose your assist in a scrub vs scrub fight you are in deep shit. That is why the fight is soo hard. Cable has all the tools he need to kill you. Which severely limits your options.

Put it this way, lets say you are on the same level as the person you are playing. You start sent, he starts gayble. You should get raped. If you are one or two levels above the person you are playing then you should be able to keep up with the damage and not get your assist killed.

The person that starts off with Sent first should win. The reason why is because Sent can take a lot of hit. Since Sent can take a lot of hit, he should try to do as much damage as he could on Cable while trying to gain meters too, wether with Commando or other anti. Once Cable’s life goes down to like less than half life, the Sent player should do a counter in order to sent out Cable or just random tag out(i don’t really prefer to randomly tag out. Then Cable could just cheap the other Cable to death. Unless the other Cable with low life tries to sent Sent back in, then just snap Sent in for Cable. Then just chip away. Afterwards, then match should be a pice of cake.

You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Sent vs. Cable at opening match in the Team Scrub mirror fight is in favor of Sent if Sent plays patient and doesn’t try to force shit. It’s been proven quite often already.

No actually, he DOES know what he’s talking about. YOU start sentinel on a real cable(randy lew, bannaners here) and see how wrong he is…

If you don’t force anything, then you’re not getting shit either. Sentinel has to take risks, big and small in this match to get anywhere. A defensive player who works the clock and has great defense can fully capitalize on this and win with smart meter management and pacing. Thats what HE does every game and imo, he’s not wrong at all.

Randy Lew has a dope Cable. But I don’t agree with the assessment that when it’s Sent v. Cable at equal levels, Sent gets raped. Cable has to work just as hard to get Sent off of him as Sent has to work to get in, and to top it all off, Cable can’t actually DO any damage until he builds himself some meter AND he gets a clean shot at Sentinel near ground level; if a good Sentinel hits Cable, anytime, anywhere, Cable stands to lose upwards of 60% of his life. No meter required.

Randy Lew might make it look easy, but it’s not easy…

We can agree to disagree thats fine, respectable. I just wanted to make it clear that B up there is no fool, even if he is slightly unconventional with his play. He makes it look easy against good sentinels…

I wish it was easy; then I’d do it :frowning:

But I’m stuck with shitty Blackheart skillz :slight_smile:

better shitty blackheart skillz than no skillz, only one who plays blackheart down in the nasty south is that nigga mixup. His blackheart is NUTS! or bananas as some would say…

Is there a big difference in game plan if you’re playing Cable/Sent/Cyke?

It’s scrub, but it’s not. It’s got range and blockstun instead of damage. How would you vary starting off then?

I seriously wanna start Cable and not Sent, but too many people rush a meterless cable and it makes it harder to control the tempo.


Sent vs. Cable wins when cable only has one bar. If you know what your doing with sentinel, you’ll get cable in the corner and it will be game over. Cable should never make it out of the corner with good assist play by sentinel. and it only takes one throw from Sentinel (teched or not) to kill cable using follow-up combos.

And one more thing Randy Lew and his cable sux ass. He couldn’t even beat J. Jacksons.

And that’s why Randy Lew made it to the finals at Evo. You talk like Julius is a scrub. Shut the fuck up.

Shhh Das, you know it’s easier to talk about what people did in match videos than to actually know what you’re talking about. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the general thought on Lew’s Cable is that, well, it’s a defensive monster. Probably the best defensive cable period. I know I’m a huge fan of Lew’s cable, but still, ton’s of people feel The Captain has the best overall Cable, so… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

JJ is tight as fuck too though, playing a completely unorthodox team, and he’s NOT scrubby, so losing to him probably doesn’t cost Lew any sleep. Fuck, if I lost to him, and even killed one or two char’s, I’d consider myself doing kinda good. :slight_smile:

With that out of the way, maybe Dasrik would like to share his feelings about Cable (On point) with Sent-g and Cyke-AAA. Cause I’m seriously playing this team.

And I need help.


cable/cyc is surprising hard to get in on with sentinel…if not outright impossible. Cyc tracks like a motherfucker and everytime you get nicked by cyc you get three in the face, you and your assist of choice. Thing is that sent/comm should beat sent/cyc that is a bad matchup for sent/cyc. But its close, if you can somehow manage to kill cable, your odds of winning increase.

Yeah, I knew about how hard it would be to get in on Cable/Cyke, since Cyke assist is rough on Sent (pushes block, guard stun, not safe to fly against unless you’re already on top of them with Capcom.)

I’m just not sure why Sent/Cyke has it so rough. I know that once Sent/Cap gets on top of Sent/Cyke, it’s soooo hard to get out, and Sent/Cyke just can’t pressure Sent/Cap in the same way. Looks more like Sent would want to zone when backed by capcom, at least against Sent/Cap. Sent/Cable AA isn’t so much better. Let’s hope Cable doesn’t die, eh? :slight_smile:

Could always ghetto counter Sent/Cap with Cyke/Sent-drones. :stuck_out_tongue: RUUUUNAAAWWAAAAY.


aiight listen dumb ho. my cable is not going to lose to a fucking ironman, war, machine, OR doom regardless of if it’s combofiends or J.J.! Especially with a fucking commando and sentinel assist. I don’t give a fuck if he made it to the finals, his cable still sucks. J.J. isn’t sorry. I never said he was. But how you going to have a tight cable when you get pimped by IM? eh?!

Did you even watch the match? Julius was losing the match when he came back with a tricky DHC. And you ask how Cable/Commando can lose to IM/Doom? Um… get close, drop Doom and stay close. It’s very possible. You can be cocky all you like, but be realistic, Cable/Commando isn’t Jesus and neither are you. Julius and Randy are good players, and Randy’s already proven himself to have a good Cable by going to the finals at Evo (and BEATING SooMighty… oh shit, Cable/Commando can’t do shit to Mag/Psy, right?)

I used Mag/Sent-a :slight_smile:

um…gee…did I watch the match?..er…

Yeah I fucking watched the match! I saw that “tricky” dhc coming as soon as he countered to doom. I couldn’t believe lew went for the kill so quickly when doom has a horrible recovery time after doing the super. And sentinels drones can help a cable to make a lot of distance. Or did you not think of that. Don’t limit cable to just commando if there’s a sentinel to be used too. As for you comment on Soo. Soo used mags. that’s a completely different character than IM and Cable. So you post is officially useless.

Well, to be perfectly honest with you, I saw the DHC coming too. Then again, I had the benefit of being calm, not tired, not having played in a tournament for a good many hours, and as always the benefit of hindsight. We’ve all done boneheaded things when under pressure, so Randy trying to shoot Doom immediately doesn’t mean he sucks, just means he wasn’t thinking about it at the time.

And yes, I know that drones that make the distance. I also know that when you manage to close that distance, neither drones nor corridor is going to be of any use to Cable when he’s got rocks in his face.

Bah. Making sharp comments when I’m angry never gets me anywhere. I’m gonna just stop doing it (I’m referring to my original post, not the ones afterward). I don’t want any beef here, I just don’t like it when people malign players.