What do you do when you are playing bad?

I’m not just playing bad overall, it’s just with my main character (Ken). I can switch to Dhalsim or Zangief and play the same patient game as always and get mostly similar results against people I play regularly.

The way I’m playing Ken now is simply scrub like. I’m getting baited into reversals and getting impatient.

So what do you guys do if you hit a bad patch, more importantly, does anyone know why it’s only my Ken game that is suffering? It’s quite worrying because I have signed up to go to SVB in August, so I need to be on top form.

I’m using a new pad, so it might be frustration from knowing that I’ve been missing reversals lately. I also feel like my execution isn’t too tight but I’m pulling off stuff with the same consistancy as always in training mode. I’ve also been using my stick recently while I was waiting to get a new pad, so maybe that was the problem? I’ve also been playing GGPO, so maybe it’s a case of too many changes.

Any advice would be great. Should I quit for a while, or stick at it?

Never thought I’d see you in the newbie forum, bro :wink: Anyway, small advice: play only HDR, avoid ST and SSIV. Normally I don’t think this would matter but you’re better off being consistent given that you’re attending a tourney. Besides, good players will always try to bait Ken’s DP - its the anti-Ken gameplan. I’m sure you’ll do fine, your Ken is all kinds of nasty.

Pretend you don’t have a reversal for a while

Only use it in combos

Don’t even use a reversal if you have the meter to FADC it.

Or if you know 100% that a throw/move is coming.

If your not gonna SRK a Dash Punch coming from across the screen, you shouldn’t play Shotos

That’s what I’m doing with Dudley. I use it as a late AA, but otherwise, no mashing out of strings or wakeup.

he’s talking HDR

Then forget the FADC comment

Habit of the newbie forum, everyone talks about Super4 and never mentions the game explicitly. GGPO was the only give away.