What do you do when you knock your opponent down?



So i knocked opponent down and they didnt tech? Now what?

I could jump in, but they dp me
I could sweep, but they dp me
I could try a meaty, but wait, they dont exist in sf4 and i get dped
I could try a throw, but i get dped
I could try to block, but then they dp, and i punish, then the next time i knock em down, they DP anyway.

How does balrog deal with wakeup SRKs on knockdown? Do safe jumps exist in the game? does a jump in beat a dp? How do you do it? Why dont the pros every reversal dp? I get reversal dped every 3 seconds its fucking BS. anyway, im done ranting, just tell me what to do.


taunt then taunt again


Jumpin all day on those with poor wakeup games.
Mixups & Baits all day on those with good wakeup games.
Mindgames on all of them.

I’m not all that hot with meaty pokes just yet but I do love meaty DLBlow - Works a treat against some characters and I often love using it to keep the fear of sweep in them (Ontop of regular sweep) so that I’m more than likely to get off a round saving overhead combo later - Obviously it’s no guarantee, but yeah. Bare in mind that is a non-shoto reference - I don’t use it often on Shoto’s though it has had it’s moments and can work at times.

I do all kinds of things on knockdown / shoto’s just to keep them thinking. I may try a jumpin occasionally just to test their DP reaction but most of the time I try to bait that very move out for a punish or re-knockdown. Double Dash Forward/Backdash on wakeup // mash jab over their fallen body // jump 2-3 times in the air like a muppet etc, you’d be suprised how the lesser experienced players let things like this annoy them enough to throw out their AA moves on wakeup for you to punish. Sometimes I even add to the insult by jumping right over them so the DP whiffs and I get another free knockdown but as said above, certain silly tactics only work on certain silly people - The more clued will punish your cocky ass.

To answer your question:

Yes, safe jumps do exist.
No, jumpin doesn’t beat DP although I’m guessing this may be extremely timing/position/character dependant as I have achieved this sometimes, though only 1:20 attempts.
How do I do it? I don’t, I avoid jumping in on Shoto’s, it’s like jumping in on Balrog with downcharge and Ultra loaded, you just don’t bloody do it.
Reversal DP? Stop mashing jab or pokes and get those blockstrings air-tight because mostly every Shoto online is going to be mashing out that SRK while you’re pressuring them and, if you fail a blockstring/link/combo, you’re eating a DP for free.


Assuming you’re talking about Shotos, I’ll just reiterate what some of the nice people who posted in your thread in the newbie section said: Bait and punish. Once they stop doing DPs you can start being more aggressive. If they don’t stop doing wake-up DPs then just keep baiting and punishing. Yes it might sound overly simple, but the fact is Balrog doesn’t really have that many options for safely pressuring shotos on wakeup.


Well said sir. It’s very simple and once you punish them enough is when you can start throwing in some DSBs, Dash Lows, and grabs to make them start doing wake-up DPs again to bait and punish.


Taunt FADC?


Safe jumping dps after an untechable knockdown really is pretty awesome, bud. It totally changes the match up with 3 frame dp shotos. Disregard what highlulu said in your other thread. Just watch the vids and get the timing down then add them into your knockdown game. It takes a bit of practice to consistently do them (just like ex upper loops), but once you do then you don’t have to worry about the risk of reversal dps killing you anymore in those situations. You can literally apply jump in pressure after an untechable knockdown all day without having to worry. I wouldn’t do it all the time, mind you. You should still mix things up like posters above me said, but it really makes an awesome addition to Rogs knockdown game.


-there are ways to safe jump ryu after a throw. someone posted a video in the strategy thread.
-safe jumps do exist on most characters…check out the safe jump topic
-meaties do exist…you can do it on shotos, just not up close(jab distance)…they can also counter with wakeup ultra if you are predictable

also since it looks like you are having trouble with ryu…you should know that battle is usually won on your feet, not on your wakeup game


lool yes yes


The randomness that is online play is needed to humble good players IMO.

It’s always humbling when you’re playing “pro” style only to eat random shoryukens and out of no where jump-ins. It’s good to remember it’s just a game sometime.

SF4 is like playing poker in many ways. “New” guys are hard to read. Then you don’t know if they suck or if they are just goading you into thinking so. I find it quite hilarious, and makes me respect the people I play online a little bit more.

Ever play somebody who you feel is doing “scrubby” stuff, but it’s landing? If you lose to him, does he really suck? You gotta respect it at some point. Maybe they just play “different”. If it was money play you’d still lose your fight money right?

Stop doing things that YOU think a pro should be doing, and do stuff that you know will work against that specific opponent.

Save your meta games and footsies for your friends list who you have a history with.


As a primary online player (with no offline experience whatsoever) I can totally understand, respect and agree with that point.

However, that doesn’t make some factors of the OP’s question universally apparant regardless of who you are playing.

You still can’t jumpin’ on a Shoto quick on the SRK, no matter how pro or how new they are. If they do it right, you’re eating that SRK. Safejumps can still be performed on pro’s and newfound players - How they react to it is the difference as well as just how many chances you get to use it, taking into account the randomness and how it ill effects peoples spacing etc

I’ve played Shoto’s who’ve done nothing but jump srk / sweep spam mixed with a pinch of random Ultra, with no tact or thought, just total random garbage - And occasionally I lose a round to that sort of thing. Those things go without saying when it comes to online, but the core Q’s of the OP can relate no matter who you play, just how you go about it or the frequency it happens changes.


“I could try to block, but then they dp, and i punish, then the next time i knock em down, they DP anyway.”

then block,if they dp, punish again?

if not just knock them down once more


One of the very first movies I ever made for SF4 was a sort of demented comedy about how I was trying to learn Balrog, and the completely sad state of my play, or that of other people, back in G3 Champ Mode.

It pretty much just sums up Jellymomo’s point, visually, and while it’ll only apply to the bad players out there, it’s worth highlighting. If someone is trying to cheese you out by throwing away common sense and repeating a punishable move, then punish it all day. Afterall, the more health you can take off from someone like that using that simple factor, the better.

Forward that to 1:40 and you’ll see that some people out there simply will not change. However, skip the rest - That was made back in July 09 when I first bought the game and thought I was awesome sauce because I could spam random headbutts all day so the rest is just embarassing and irrelevant.