What Do You Do With Your Boogers?




not beguiled thread, dont care


I blow my nose in a tissue like an adult with a job.


Pull a booger Cruz. Eat it.

Do you reuse the tissue for later, or throw it away?
Yes this is an important question.


No “Eat it” option?


Flick it into your drink.


That depends no how much I destroyed it.
I’d be lying if I said I never reused a tissue.


Gonna be generous and assume you guys aren’t fucking monsters.


This is SRK.
You assumed wrong.


No " I have your waifu extract it out with her tongue" option? WTF bruv!


Does that count as cheating?


Use them as lube :coffee:


Sautee with butter, serve with greens


No options for mucousy snot in the poll options. What a weak thread…


Who Won The Pot Betting
That Razor Is The Boogerman?


I wipe em on razor’s girls forehead, she doesn’t deserve any better.


Smug is about to PM Wiz to ban this thread for excluding the option.


The poll is shit due to its limited options.

It really depends on the situation. Meaning: What’s nearby to collect the booger. You could just flick it, I guess. But that’s what tissues, garbage bags, your couch, RockB’s couch, the underside of RockB’s car seat, RockB’s shirt when he’s not looking, RockB’s face when he’s asleep, or even RockB’s pho before the waiter takes it to him are for.

You really need to redo this thread and consider all the possibilities for however many options the poll allows.


Eat them. I’m not ashamed, I need the protein!


Flick it on the floor. Man, i remember watching my friend flick his boogie onto my floor. I was like nigga, get a napkin. WTF. Its funny that its okay if i do it, but when you see someone do it, its like, YOU DISGUSTING PIECE OF SHIT.

Personally i would never do that at anyone elses crib though. Id go to the bathroom, pick it, put it in a tissue, and flush it. Crackas is just uncouth. haha