What do you get for winning sbo anyways?

Those guys that win look so happy… So is there a prize or is it money?

Iirc there is no prize.

Like 10000 yen or something, but really it’s not a great prize.

Its more about being recognised as the best.

i believe you get 100,000 yen (about 850 usd) and special tougeki certificate. i can try to take a pic of one of the certificates when i go to mikado

For teams or each? And have a good trip BTW

That’s nothing really. All the teams involved and the scope of the tourney, the prize should be much higher.

Well, it’s not like they have to spend alot to TRAVEL to the tourney. It’s in Japan.

a free tourney that’s practically a no-profit enterprise for the organizers? how DARE they not have a bigger pot!

The winners of the tournaments should all become the new rulers of japan in some sort of strange oligarchy. Definitely

a pat on the back and a kiss on the cheek

a bucket of fried chicken and dat madden

The copy of dat madden gets signed by Daigo. …who is the world’s top dat madden player.

Evo is non-profit! SBO is highly profitable, and the only reason for it to exist is actually the money. SBO gets tons of money out of sponsors, and that’ why instead of the most popular games the majority is composed by games that are new, no matter if they are good or bad.

SBO made CFJ be highly played in arcades for almost a year, and the organizers receive good money to put such a lousy game up. Tht is just the extreme example, but all of them follow the same rules.

SBO is about the money and not about the community. They don’t give a damn which games players want to play, they don’t give a damn which format players wnat to play (single game single elimination is not nice) and the prizes seems to be almost a joke. SBO is all abiut the money and thus, promotes whatever may look good for the sponsors.

You got it mixed with Evo. Evo uses the money from sponsors to give bigger prizes to the players. Evo allows the games that the players wants to play. Evo never has any profit. Evo let you play in the controller you wish to. Evo is double elimination and usually not single game. Evo is made by players for the players.

That’s why IMO SBO, although beautiful, sucks as a competitive tournament. Luckily for them, they’re in Japan so excellent players show up.

are you fucking stupid? that’s some of the most ridiculous things i’ve read in fgd in a while

according to your logic… sbo would be a good tournament if they hosted first-to-twenty mvc2 money matches with 100,000 yen pot on center stage for american players, right? :lol:

From what I understand they are given prizes such as “stuff” but very little money if any money at all.

The reason for this (and correct me if I am wrong) Is because in Japan cash prizes are illegal because it is considered gambling. The only form of legal gambling in Japan in Pachinko and that doesn’t pay much.

But maybe someone who is currently residing in Japan can set my info strait if I’m wrong.


glory for sparta

(sbo is sponsored by companies that make fighting games but if sponsors were the bigger part of it then you’d see less things like KoF98 and more KoFXI)

Green Rep on SRK

there has been KOF XI, this year was 98 because of the re launch of 98 UM… and games never repeat except for 3s…

Actually SNK paid a lot of money to promote KoF 98 relaunch on PS2, and with the game on SBO everybody played a lot of it. LOts of money and benefits for everybody, except the players.

I got 3 instant neg rep for some japanophiles and I say it again, because it is obvious and it is true. For the players, SBO sucks. It is random as hell, being single game single elimination and a team tournament. Nobody can have any idea of who the best players are supposed to be. The level for half the games is pretty weak when compared to 3rd Strike at SBO itself or MvC2 at Evo. The games are too recent and people don’t even know what the high level strats will look like. And, asides from being happy and getting a tap in the back, there is no incentive to win. No money for the players (to hell with them, right?), no good prizes either (Daigo should have a car by now).

So it must be a pretty good convention, right? Well, pretty good, except you are not allowed to play in it. Only people who have attended specific qualifiers at specific places and are top players can play. I am not even sure if there’s any kind of freeplay there (Sabin can answer that). If you’re incredibly good and lucky at single game single elimination stuff, you can still get teh last chance qualifier. If not, you’re screwed.

So, if you’re a player, you will ge there and not be able to play a single game of anything or, if you qualfied, you’ll play a minimum of 1 and a maximum of around 6 games during the weekend and if you win you can recoup a small part of what you spent in tokens training for it.

Now, if you’re a fanboy, SBO is fenomenal. Cosplayers, emos, lots of lights and high level play for some games. It can’t get any better. If you like SBO, you love the new Texas championships., Next year go there and let Evo for people who like to play fighting games. How about it?