What do you guys do when your in a slump?

Seems i’ve hit one. I took some really stupid losses this weekend. Couldn’t nail some easy combo’s, and my game was just not there.

What do you all do when you hit a slump? I’m thinking of taking a break from SF and picking up another game, something that is not a fighter.

Just do something else on your free time for a week or two, then when you feel the urge to play coming back it should work out alot better.

I usually chill out with another game for a week or so.

I take a couple days off, when I come back I change by color to pink and play silly with lots of taunts and claw throwing in ranked match, or I just sit still and block/tech the entire round for as long as I can or other funny stuff like trying to win without punching haha. After I’ve lost a few thousand points screwing around (and gotten some hilarious replays of when I won), I’ll start trying to slowly get my points back and it’s low-stress since A: its easier to get points than to lose them now and B: I’ve taught myself to not care so much about points now and can concentrate on getting better without stressing over losses.

I come here read some stuff and then i can’t wait trying it out.

I head to training mode and test some stuff, or reherse what I’d like to master or what I am losing.

I got beaten 3 times in a row the other night and ended up staying up til 5:30AM til I worked off the rage…
I was over an hour late for work the next day, so I obviously didn’t feel too clever about that.
The opponent was playing Cody and expertly focusing everything I threw at him…very frustrating. I need to work on this as we’ll both be at the same tournament next saturday.

Still, I can’t believe I let an online game affect me so much in real life. This never would’ve been allowed to happen my girlfriend hadn’t gone away this weekend!

I managed to avenge myself against him the next day, but it was cold comfort…and another 4AM bedtime.

Remember to use standing HK!

He was always focusing my jump-ins…

Oh, lol. My bad xD

if he is focusing ur jump ins try to empty jump into throw… it works for me at least D:

Take a break and then come back in a few days or a week.

I kept on empty jumping, but he was releasing way too early to get grabbed (using both Cody and Seth). He was doing this to pretty much everyone…but a single focus-Ultra was often the difference between winning and losing…
This guy never, ever beat my Vega before Saturday, but he’s now got around 7 wins off me…heert-breaking stuf!

This is my problem. I still haven’t gotten there in regards to not stressing points. I think whats happened is ever since I made it past 10,000bp i’m putting this immense pressure on myself to not lose to people with low BP. I think, actually I KNOW it’s that added pressure that is killing my game. I really need to work on getting rid of this because I’d like to someday play in a tournament or something and I need to be relaxed, clear headed.

ic dunno then, maybe lag? D:

I just stop playing or move onto another game for a while

Read all my notes again and see where I’m going wrong.

I write alot. The sole reason for my long ass posts, normally if I write anything I’m trying to sort it out, even a slump.

Get annoyed and blame everything but myself.

Snag a hot chick’s number

yeah taking some time off works, I did that right before SSF4 came out. the time off helped me clear my mind off of things…