What do you guys do with your meter?

say you’re about to lose, u have like a half inch of life left. you’re playing against a rushdown yun or something like that, and know you wont get the meter back anytime soon if you die. would you waste it and super if you have the opportunity? or save it for the next round? oh btw the opponent has over like 90%…i dunno if its exactly would a whole meter that can be used the next round unless your jap or something.

me personally i would save it for the next round. if i know the player is good enough and i wont win, i wouldnt wanna risk wasting the meter that i can use the next round.

I always use it if I have the chance; having meter is less important than giving yourself a chance at winning the round. No usable character in this game has such a difficulty building meter when not getting basted that he/she has to give up a chance at winning one round for a better chance at winning the next. And besides, if your reason for not wanting to use the super is that you think you’re gonna lose the round, well, you probably don’t have the right mindset to win the match anyway.

yeah i was thinking about that but what if the rushdown the next round is too intense and you just dont have meter to super off of it?

vs chun and other characters, i would use the super even if it looked like it was gonna lose. but if it was a good alex or yun, would you have able to gain back the meter fast enough in the 2nd round?

Have it? Have an opening for it? Well then use it. Simple as that. Winning or losing.

depends really. on what super i use, if i have sa2 (with makoto obviously) i’ll use a few ex hayate’s because there safe on block just to add some pressure and randomness to the match other if i use sa1 then i’ll try to do c.short hayate sa1 and win. =D

I hit people, sometimes.

Since when is Alex a big offensive threat? Lol.
I’m stubborn and I have a never say die attitude, so I’ll fight with that last sliver of life for as long as I can. More often than not, I’ll get them below 20%, if I don’t end up winning altogether. Some people get sloppy when they’re trying to finish you off, and that can give you the edge sometimes.

I keep my meter at times, but I’d definitely say it depends. I play Akuma, and almost any opportunity I have to burn a super, I can do just about the same damage with a bnb, so it doesn’t matter a whole lot. I’d say it depends on your playstyle and character choice.

I play him also and I generally try to bait for an opening in that situation (as it was said above, most opponents will get a little sloppy) and since it’s Akuma you know the meter will be back in no time…

It honestly depends on who I’m playing with.

I usually pick Dudley SAIII so burning a super only costs you a few standing HK’s. Anyone else, I might think twice. If I feel I’m put in a position where we’re in the 2nd round and I’m up 1, I’ll stick it out there.

Sometimes, People think “I have all this life left! There’s no way he can come back! I got this” but then BAM! Land 1 standing HK xx EX MGB and it can be over! After this, playing mindgames is my way home. Some people get defensive because they’re thinking they can just block whatever I throw at them but sometimes, It’s not that easy.

So na, I’ll let it go. It’s there to be used and it all comes back eventually.

dash/sj back and throw ex fireballs from full screen until my meter runs out.

alex not an offensive threat? then what is he? if u play a good alex, if you get knocked down, you’re not getting back up.

i guess i shoulda been more elaborate. lets say its someone that doesnt get meter fast. not ken or dudley. more like chun. and you’re playing vs yun.

since chun’s most damage comes from hit confirming supers, what will u do vs a 90% yun? would u hit confirm and hit, then what? mix up with tick throws and throws? when u have 1 hit left in you, is it worth starting over again to gain 1 super? or would you rather have 2 for losing the round?

worth it? yes. go for the win!

ur forgetting that if you throw the round, thats one more chance to lose.

Its not like I wont get another one within the first 10 seconds of the next round anyway

“Activates GJ”

Oh Im so broken :slight_smile:

in ten seconds you can get the meter activate gj and burn it for some 60dmg:) man i should start playing yun

1 super can turn the game around against Yun with Chun, so I wouldn’t rule it out, if you feel confident when you don’t have a bar.

if i have 2 bars stocked i’ll do anything to get a kkz reset

[quote=“Kyokuji, post:7, topic:26667”]

Since when is Alex a big offensive threat? Lol.


He might have been taken down by an alex on kaillera by some sexy player that rhymes with BeatBlazin :lovin:

If you can just go for it. a Perfect is always possible in a round and you might get perect after if you play smart.

You got a whole new mindset to play now. yun might just wanna chip you and end it.
and thats where you can take advantage 0_o.
only chip moves he can use are his shoulders and he will definatly try to grab you with dive ins and stuff.

if you can score a knock down with lets say… alex then you keep him down there!
hyper bombs over heads head stomps.
he has so many things to use.

Don’t do anything with meter. Just watch the word “MAX” flash for the entire match.

D+MK-> QCF+2P (x5)

Move around a bit, rinse and repeat :slight_smile: