What do you guys think about these upcomming fg's?



okay i noticed two things.

  1. Namco Bandai is making everything ,even the new smash bros, ha’ and MORE games that are not on the list.
  2. I dont know why skull girls is on there, but yeah. Lol

i picture Doa5 having a somewhat good sized community thanks to all the DOA fans and the people probally coming from virtua fighter 5 to give it a shot. I also saw tekken 7 on there, which i had no idea was comming out! But c’mon 3 tekken games all in one season!? Namco is basically cutting thier community into slices of pizza if you think about it.
what do you guys think?


river city ransom 2?

game over capcom. throw in the towel now


What do I think? I think Capcom dropped the ball on that fucking cover “art” for MvC Origins. What was wrong with the gorgeous original artwork?


yikes. “Bad Box Art” Ryu… :mad: