What do you guys think about Virtua Fighter 3tb?

I am thinking of getting a Dreamcast so I was wondering what’s with this game.

Get a 360 and Virtua Fighter 5 or get VF 4 Evo on the PS2. 3tb was not a very fun game to play.

For all intents and purposes, VF3TB was the “black sheep” of the series. And I mean that in a good way. It was most played and remembered by the die-hard VF and fighting game fanatics, and was VERY big in Japan. It was just too complex and “different” that it alienated the casual 3D fighting game fans (not like VF ever had as much of a following as more popular accessible franchises to begin with, it’s ALWAYS been the most complex fighting game series). It would’ve been more popular if it had come out on console a year or two after release (supposedly a stripped-down Saturn port was completed by 1998ish and ready for release, but shelved in order to not take away from the late '98 release of the Dreamcast port), but when it finally hit home on the Dreamcast in October of 1999 the game was 3+ years old and games such as “Dead or Alive 2” (arcades) and “Soul Calibur” had snuffed out whatever interest people still had in it.

I heard that is also the most broken VF, wall-combos were almost-100% damage and easy to do.

^^I dunno about that, wall combos were pretty scarce in that game.

The only thing I can think of that was broken was the stages. A lot of them were impractical for serious versus play because of the varying levels of height (which is why subsequent vf’s are always on flat ground)

Besides, vf2 was by FAR the most broken game of the series.

You should get 3tb to complete the collection (it’s like what, 2-5$?) And also check out matches for 3tb on youtube (beat tribe!). The community for the game was incredible and the world championships had lot of countries participating.

3TB was good. I played it a bit when I was in Japan. It was extremely popular and most places had multiple machines. I’m not a big VF fan but if there was more comp I could see myself getting into the game heavily.

Try here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=165130

Here’s what I think: Nobody’s playing it.

NO. Even for a vf game, it was super-boring. Get Soul Calibur instead.

It’s a good game, but without comp it’ll be bleh.

Virtua Fighter 2 had flat stages and three buttons: Punch Kick Guard

Virtua Fighter 3TB had tiered stages and a four buttons, and was a team battle focused: Punch Kick Guard Evade.

Virtua Fighter 4,Evo,FT,5, and 5R, went back to flat stages, and three buttons, and non ‘team battle’.

I can’t say which of the VF series is the worst, but it’s clearly 1-3 if you had to choose. VF4 and EVO/FT will go down as one of the greatest games (not just fighting games) of all time. VF5 is based for the most part on VF4.

There’s no going back to VF3 once you’ve played VF4 or VF5.

I’ve always been a big VF fan but VF3 kinda turned me off. Mainly because the presentation or music was nowhere near as good as the first 2 games. Especially considering by the time the game came out on Dreamcast…Soul Calibur blew my mind and there wasn’t much reason to go back. The only reason I really played it was just to get a chance to play any kind of VF game since my Saturn broke down. I’m sure gameplay wise it was really fun but I had a hard enough time back in the day finding anyone who wanted to play 3rd Strike or Soul Calibur with me let alone random ass VF3.

It’s a shame they didn’t expand upon VF3 innovations, instead they went back the safe route (aka Tekken 5). VF4 and 5 aren’t bad games, they’re just really boring.

It was the Tekken 4 of the Virtua Fighter series. Take that however you’d like! :smile:

(I know it’s a pretty loaded, open-for-interpretation statement but it’s better intentionally vague so I don’t have to back my shit up, hahah.)

I played a little VF1 and some Tekken 1-3 growing up. Then when VF3TB came out I think I was 14, got it right away and was like “wtf?” Spent 2 weeks trying to get a hang of it (this is before the enlightenment of competitive comp when I just loved every fighter) couldn’t figure it out so brought it back. My favorite part was that when I held the shoulder buttons it became first person in single player. Kinda turned me off of all things Virtua Fighter after that though.

EDIT: Actually turned me off of all things 3D fighter after that. 2d4l

At the time of it’s arcade release it was by far the best looking fighter around. I also prefer the cartoon art style of VF3 to the more realistic style introduced in VF4. However not being able to figure out the game and with no internet info or competition I also had to give up on it.

What I know from going back to it now is that it’s a very different game to the VF4 and 5 games which are quite similar. Defence, movement, mixups, wakeups, and buffering all work differently in VF3. I like the Korean Step most of all. It looks amazing in motion and takes skill to master.

This is a helpful site.

To each his own. I had VF 3TB for about 3 days before I returned it. Yes, I was a Resurrection Returner. The production team was Hitmaker, not the original AM 2 team of the current episodes of this series. So there was no doubt that this game would not feel as if it were a part of the series. VF 3TB felt more like an experiment than a proper successor. Leveled stages were a great idea, but not for a VF title. And the fourth button didn’t make anything better. The team also added in Taka, who was cut out because it was too hard to program him in for the VFs that came after TB. I felt as if that was an ignorant reason to keep him out. Also, I played Dead or Alive 2 before I picked up this title. Not a great move. Still, it’s fun to some. VF 3TB just isn’t taken as seriously as its’ older and younger kin.

I have the Japanese version of the game and Fighting Vipers 2. I just need a universal Dreamcast.

One thing that VF3 had was graphics. Every magazine in 95 to 96 promoted the shit out of VF3’s graphics in their preview sections and it actually delivered. It really did have early ps2 graphics a half decade before the PS2 came out. Shame it never got a good port. The DC was decent but it came out late. I wouldn’t mind seeing a console re release because I didn’t get to play it in arcades more then a handful of times.

I’m not sure if you’ve played VF4 or VF5, but VF3TB plays way differently than the two of them. One of the primary differences you will notice is that some moves are harder to do, and evading works much differently.

The evade button in VF3 is much like side stepping in Tekken 3 and 4. Basically it is a move that allows you to walk into the background and foreground. A lot of moves can track it as well, so don’t abuse it. I belive you were able to cancel an evade at certain times into a crouch dash, or into a jab or specifc moves.

Juggling is a lot more limited in VF3 as well. Characters seem heavier this go around. Also, jump are not floaty. This is the only VF game that does not have floaty jumps. The characters have much more releasitc physics for their jumps, which was a big change in the game.

Overall VF3 is still playable, but very dated. VF 4 consolidated all of the features of VF2 and VF3, and made a pretty much better version. VF5, I believe went back to some VF3 stuff by making juggles float less. But they also added something called OM. My exposure to VF 5 has been limited though.