What do you guys think of the USF4 Bible released by Brady?


I’m thinking of getting it, worth it? Opinions?



I got mine today.

I like it a lot it was totally worth it IMO.

It has bnbs for everybody and some characters even have sections dedicated to setups.


Someone of you bible owners need to bless the 5 new character sections with the hit box info.


Would be nice if people scanned the hitbox information.


Why not just use the pc tools and get higher resolution images that show all relevant frames?


Is frame trapped updated with this? I haven’t checked yet.


Not sure if it’ll work…


I saw a screenshot of some decapre hitboxes, no idea where they came from


I already did for Elena :3


What about poison :frowning:


can someone update guides to show what the new characters specials are on block and stuff ? skrs wiki is not up to date


Mine came in the mail today, it’s ok and goes over all the characters in good detail and has hitbox data which is nice. However even after a quick glance I saw obvious mistakes in the frame data (e.g. Fei Long’s overhead listed as 8f startup instead of 18f), also it seems it lists all the old dash and walkspeed data from AE2012 instead of the updates like Yang’s fwd walkspeed and Rose’s faster fwd dash, also i’m pretty sure Yang and Yun don’t have the exact same jump data… Anyway it’s good for reference but won’t teach you anything you didn’t already know unless you’re new to a character or the game, i’d also advise using frame data from elsewhere or you might have to write on the pages to correct stuff.