What Do You Guys Think of The Wiki Section?

Front page with the blog.

IMO, it looks nice but I think its going to end up being the strat section for scrubs. You KNOW some asshole with alot of time on their hands is going to edit something they don’t like and type it “lyk3 di5”.

So basically, its nice but it could end up being a mess.

What do you think?

So long as people keep to the general guidelines posted it should be fine.
The Ryu page is kinda funny for an example.

They forgot to add Hibiki in the characters list (just after the American Tiers listing)
so I experimented and edited the page, noted it as a minor mod, and added her.

Kinda neat. Unfortunately if everyone can modify a page as such there may be problems with people messing up what other people write.

So long as the information is accurate though there shouldn’t be many problems.

Sorry but, what is the wiki section??

Just go to the very first page of the site, and you’ll see a shitload of tabs. One says wiki, then u follow through and u see “Strategy Guide” and its like a more organized(hopefully) area of this strat section

I started on the Blanka section. Pretty nice I guess.

Hey I finished with Hibiki’s normals if you want to copy/paste to other characters. All it takes is just changing numbers around.

I looked at it. There’s no info for any of the characters I like though, so I don’t like it.

My other thoughts are, don’t write swear words in your posts (since it’s on the front page and not the forum), don’t call other people scrubs, and Ryu is stylin.

I want to laugh every time I see a move list with the exact Japanese names like somebody cut and pasted straight out of gamefaqs.

I added gifs to the 3S and GGXXSlash character sections this morning. I haven’t noticed too much shit yet. So far it’s looking nice.


It’s cool, I have alot of stuff I’d like to write about a-hibiki, when I get a chance.

Just checked out the wiki and it kinda reminds me of when they used to have the movelists/system description for 3s and cvs on the front page a few years back

Take a gander, maybe I messed up on some stuff.


I think you should talk about A-Sakura’s fast roll some more. The two major Hibiki moves that gives Sakura an opening for her random roll (or roll on reaction for qcf+LP/MP’s case) are the slashes and the d.HP. Playing patient on the ground with d.LP (buffered into slash), and always keeping an eye out for the roll are what I see a lot of good Hibiki players focus almost exclusively on.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not very good at using the hcf+k counter on reaction to Sakura’s RC qcb+MK. So I wouldn’t of written it’s “easy” for me to do it. I’m pretty sure the counter doesn’t grab Sakura’s RC fireball either. In fact, an annoying tactic I used to use when I played Sakura myself is to spam the RC fireballs against Hibiki. It goes right through whatever sword move she tries to do on me, and she can’t hurt me with her slow roll either. She needs to jump on me to beat me instead.

The most common counters I know to a Sakura RC fireball is either preemptive jump in with HK, or stay out of range to let the RC fireball whiff, d.HP Sakura’s hands as she brings them back.

Hibiki’s j.HK right on top of Sakura’s head is really good. Talk about that too. When you match your hitboxes up correctly (use good distancing and mix up how early and late you hit your HK button), you can cleanly beat Sakura’s close s.HP and d.HP anti-air every time, or at worse, trade.

Anyway, build your meter up and CC in her face. Once they get scared of you CCing in their face, then throw them first and CC anyway. Or just CC in their face, throw even. A-Hibiki is too deadly. Sakura doesn’t have any naturally invincible reversal attacks (outside of CC herself), so remember she leaves herself open to walk up throws whenever she gets itchy and wants to RC to get you off her.

Do that MrSNK thing against the scrubby Sakura’s who can’t end a blocked CC without doing HK hurricane kick, super. There’s a huge gap in between the first and last hits of the HK hurricane kick. You can grab Sakura with your counter during that gap (or mash out a Raging Storm if you had K-Geese).

Yeah, I’m not sure what I missed or messed up on myself, but that’s what I would add to your versus Sakura section if I wanted to contribute to the wiki.

I think you missed dodge, go low with d.MK for your CC resets section too. A huge reaction that I do whenever I see Hibiki go into the dodge in the middle of blocked CC is to block high so she can’t do the hop, overhead on me. d.MK gets me, and the way you cancel into it from the qcb+HP running slash is really weird and leaves me guessing which side I need to block on also.

K-Hibiki can’t use the shortcut method for doing her qcb, hcf+P super. She needs to do the full hcf and can’t end the motion at df+P like Kyo can with his qcb, hcf+P super. Likewise with Iori being able to end his motions at db or df with both his supers.

I noticed that because I play on the HRAP stick (square gate) and was having a pain in ass trying to combo into the Hibiki non-button tapping super.

Vega vs any Hibiki isn’t a fair match. Pick somebody else (like Rock) in case you need to beat him. :rofl:

Hey thanks for the feedback, liked the emphasis on certain moves. Seems though a lot of the matchup between the two is dependent on conditions of both’s meter.

I see why I should add in the roll… Though I figured though that’d go along with Hibiki’s openings (inspired by a previous thread of yours btw)

About the counter I meant at range just past Sak’s s.hk, but then again you probably meant that too with the MK hurricanes. I was thinking HK myself, but then again I was probably just playing a lot of scrub Sak’s. (thinking these days they can RC and shosho they know what they’re doing, even though I can run the clock on them with Rolento)

I didn’t miss the d.mk for the resets, I just kinda listed it as a sub-note for the 1st one… Guess I did it for dodge, kickthrow I should for that too, my fault:sweat:

Well I like the feedback at least. Not a lot of people are dotting info there much though virtually all of it’s info I gleaned from the forums. Kinda like a librarian that way I guess. I’ll try to update the wiki later though thanks for contributin:tup:

edit: actually the hardest thing is dissecting all the info on the forums and weeding out the BS if you ask me

I see the reason for this in the command list because lately it’s pissing me off with her CC’s, the super is listed as being qcb, (from there) qcd, f+P
For df to work it’d have to be hcf+P (though typically when you do the motions you’d do a complete hcf+P)

i finally got a chance to peep the hibiki section today, and it’s off to a decent start. decent enough to even get me to consider running with it and just making that my hibiki guide. but alas! the lack of time/laziness duo prevails again!

saw a number of things that i would go in and change if i had the inclination, but the thing that sticks out most is when you say hibiki has no good reversal. RC running slash is one of the best reversals in the game:

  • confirmable into super or trip slash (both of which do more damage than a dp)
  • safer than a dp (a lot of characters have a hard time punishing it with anything meaningful, if they can punish it at all. charge characters lose their charge so they can’t combo into super)
  • if blocked, it will also get your out of the corner if that’s where you were
  • has to be blocked low for no apparent reason, so if your opponent is walking back trying to bait something they eat the running slash

and it also sets up her nifty wake up game

oh, and be sure to mention how good low jabs buffered into slashes are. seriously, sometimes that’s the only thing i do for the whole round

oh, and also mention there’s a distance where slashes are safe to most anything that isnt a balrog twisty super

Sorry I’m still learning Hibiki myself, and for the most part I dismissed her wake up RC run slash because I found it hurtin vs option select P-Cammy f+HP. I do know that it’s really nice vs characters that love to do meaty attacks, but IIRC meaty attacks narrow that window for reversal rolls (hence reversal RC’s) to like 1 or 2 frames… Think that was Denton.

I honestly had no idea the beckoning slash had to be blocked low when it crosses up in that situation.

I know Balrog’s got like the fastest lvl3 super in the game, but the lists I found for everything that can punish a qcf+MP is kinda shady and needs updating. In general I just listed fast supers and notable specials like Scissor kicks requiring a slower d.LK input

I like how strong her mixup game is, in addition to her good defense it’s what made me finally drop N-Nako. Both radically different but in a way similar with those mixups of theirs.

Well I was hoping to get a solid wiki down so anyone can read and update since I’ve just about exhausted my knowledge and am so far just browsing forums for info on matchups vs top tiers/upper mid or notable bad matchups.

Want to put in a vs P/K groove section on dos and don’t like perhaps kara-cancelling command normal to kick dodge->essential crunch or rc run slash.

Heck the wiki is pretty much info you and most others jotted down in the forums I just added it all up and made it an afterhours hobby:rofl: Most info for CC’s and super combos etc is from the forums from yourself actually so it may as well be yours, most info came from other people who conversed with yourself also

Well I’ll change what I can later on after work.

I see you updated the Hibiki section again, Hellion. Good job. :tup:

(although Ryu is still stylin’ and I’m getting tired of looking at that)

I edited your “Super Combos” section a little if you don’t mind also.

Nick T is right in that everything is looking a little messy though. I didn’t think that all the different grooves would require so many different sections to talk about, but I guess it does since K-Hibiki and A-Hibiki pretty much aren’t even the same characters.

K-Hibiki is the most commonly used Hibiki after A-groove and probably the second strongest I think…

… so it would be really great if you could talk about how useful the run is and other K/N tactics.

OTK special:
Hibiki’s run, skid animation is really short and deceptive looking. He does kick throw to knock you down, then he fakes and it totally looks like he’s going to do meaty cross-up running slash on you (that you need to block the other way), but in fact he did the f, f run and skid, throws you JUST as you get up. Very cheesy and hard to react to.

Omar special:
After a tech throw, d.LK, d.LP xx qcb, hcf+P super.

Buk special:
-d.LK, d.LK (blocked), run right up to your face, d.LK, d.LK, d.LK xx Deadly Rave.
The frame advantage from the d.LK is one of the best things about Hibiki, and again, it’s tricky how the run looks exactly like the Running Slash move.

d.LP is the longest ranged move in the game that gives frame advantage I think (longer range than Rolento’s d.LP?). When used with the run, you can lock opponents down along from max range and it’s really annoying. If the opponent spazzes on roll, you get a free low short combo since your d.LP is completely safe against rolls. Train the opponent to get used to your running jabs, and then you can be more bold next time and run in closer for a low short attempt. Counter hit or catch them trying to walk back, you hit confirm into a super every time.

I forgot to write in my previous posts that Sakura players like to spam on dive kicks to build up their meter.

One of the FIRST things a Hibiki player is going to encounter is the matchup is knowing how to make Sakura cut that out, so add that to your strategy section also.

I know A-Hibiki can RC Slash the dive kicks for free and score a knockdown. Rolento gets a free far s.MP anti-air, and Sagat can punch her in the face. I don’t play K-Hibiki enough to know what her counter to the whiffed dive kick is though.




If you’re going to be typing up stuff in this forum again, how about some info in the Kyo wiki?

P, K, and N are all very competitive grooves for him I think and I’d love read about them some more, even if they’re just basics or whatever.

I don’t mind, it’s a wiki:lol:

Hmm. Maybe I could put all those notable players’ specials collectively in the Advanced Strat. Section. Probably mixups.

I’ll try to add more input about her running game, and K/N in general. I’m finding it harder to do now-a-days except on Fridays/weekends.

About K-Hibiki’s response to divekicks I couldn’t tell you, except that if Sak jumps at all maybe Hibiki could shortjump with her and spam j.HP? She lands and cancels her what is it… for shortjumps…2 frame recovery into her 2 frame startup run slash so it crosses up and heck… knockdown:looney:

Theory fighters so nice. Wish someone could verify whether or not these things would work. Maybe we need a thread based around testing theory fighter tactics.

I’ll test this myself after work, but nothing is a better sub for an actual match.

About it lookin messy I do like the table of contents, although maybe the table of contents would be better done as an optional pop up? I dunno.

edit:off topic, am I the only fool who thinks after practicing all of Hibiki’s CC’s for an hour and trying to implement her Resets, that Bison’s CC is mad easy?

I am not completely sure, but have to ask since I’ve noticed this about your posts in numerous threads regarding d.LK’s in general…

There’s Sak’s +3 d.LK, then…
Particularly here with a +3 frame advantage on Hibiki’s d.LK


compared to say…

Kyo’s +6 d.LK


Does this all has to do with the frequency of counter-hits vs tick throws? I remember you saying before Sak does tick to kickthrow better than… shotos? All because of the +3 d.lk. vs the +6 on Kyo’s I think this is where I’m confused.

note-I like how these three characters have nice mixups off their throws.


I don’t remember exactly… but I thought moves like Guile’s d.MK were the longest ranged moves that do that.

But for this trick I think you’re right, if anything else the jab’s long range would probably trigger that proximity blocking thing to keep them where you want.


A question here on the Cammy matchup concerning close s.HP
On the wiki I said,
" since she lacks a good reversal outside RC run slash. She ends up blocking the Fierces or getting thrown. "

Cammy could pretty much tap either direction and close s.HP and throw the rc run slash on wakeup correct?

Trying to come up with a way to best describe this and where to put it and sound… presentable

Oh, ignore that. I was making stuff up that’s not true.

It doesn’t make a difference what the frame advantage your tick attack gives, as long as it’s not negative something. The timing to hit f+HK to do a kick throw off a low short is the same with every character regardless of what frame advantage their tick attack gave. After the block stun that the light attack gave, add the six frame no throw window in the reversal situation, and that’s when you can throw.

Counter hit or tick throw frequency depends on whether your character has enough throw range to do tick attack, throw without having to walk forward or not. Kyo, Sak, and the Shotos can do that very well. Raiden can throw after two low jabs without having to walk forward. Blanka or Hibiki need to do tick attack, walk forward, throw whenever they want to tick throw instead.

edit: You realized you quintuple posted when you could of used the edit button right? :rofl:

Yeah sorry I was too busy running around the workplace and all **edit fixed **:rofl: got barely time to sit and post I should try to compose everything into one. By the by what do you think of post knockdown dash (timing by opponent’s recovery) qcb+HP xx qcf+HP? RC run slash at leisure of course