What do you guys think of these 2 artworks?


the buttons can be sanwa100% white or sanwa neogeostyle (black+color),balltop white or red or green or grey

i like em both but i think the first one is better…still i feel it misses something :nono: dunno what though :tdown:
any suggestions? :pray:

like the second one more (no idea whats going on in the left image of the first one), you should avoid using filters like that (including the filter on uppercut image).

i didnt use any filter in the left pic on the first artwork, i found the image like that on the internet…about the filter on the uppercut image … if i may what’s wrong with that filter?i actually like it…
any suggestion on what i can do to improve the first art? and what about the second? i do like the red,green,yellow part but it has a too low defition :frowning: (the artwork is gonna be 3200x2200)
thx for the feedback

I love the artwork because Hajime no Ippo is fucking awesome. However, I’m not really liking the checkerboard border, or the rectangular boxes that separate the two pieces of artwork. It could be more stylish in my opinion, definitely not doing the source material justice.

i did write it seeking for advices because i wasnt really sure about my works.
what should i do instead of the checkerboard?any suggestion?

Personally I would remove/replace the border including the purple border they don’t look good. If you really want a border replace it with something that relates more to the imagery, like ring ropes. As for the uppercut there too much empty white space, and the shadow doesn’t make much sense when nothing else on the image has shadow like that. Lastly there are too many conflicting colours, you got grey scale, purple, red, some blue, the other has green red yellow, just doesnt work well.

I love Hajime No Ippo!

uhmm i understand what u re getting at with the border but i dont know how to make “ring ropes” in Paint Shop Pro :frowning: I was going for those but at the end i didnt know how to make em :frowning: about the uppercut thing, i see ur point but still the pic i found was like that i didnt do anything on that image, i ll try to find something else…
i like the purple and white thing cause my stick is purple/blue/grey tonality …well i’ll try something else ^^ my stick is like this at the moment:


:u: thats pretty cool

Why don’t you look for a bunch of comic book art and make a collage

uhmm u mean manga right?well i thought about that too but will the 4 white/snk buttons fit in it? :confused: well i can try anyway xP thx for the feedback again!

Yeh manga, doesn’t have to fit, it will look more arty

2nd one