What do you guys think of U2 versus Shotos?

Some people will argue that having U1 stops shotos from throwing fireballs. But that’s only when you have charge. The second you walk forward, they fireball. Ok so what about the advantage of being able to get your fireball on the screen first? Well they can just fireball it on reaction.

The fact is that U1 will only shut down an intermediate player. High level players find a way to play around it. The most practical use of U1 is to juggle a shoto in the corner if you can land a setup.

Now here’s what i think about U2. When a shoto sees you dont have U1 they think “i can fireball him all day now”. But you can just focus the fireballs and build U2 meter. Once you have U2 you have a lot of options to land it while still having a lot of health. Once you land it and they’re still dumb enough to chuck fireballs then you can focus and build U2 again. At this rate youll be landing 2 or 3 U2’s a round. So a good player wont throw fireballs anymore and this is what you want since their fireball is one of the advantages they have in the matchup.

Also, if you have a full U1 and shotos see you move forward when they’re getting up from a knockdown midscreen they might DP on wakeup. If you block it, youre biggest punish is cl rh - EX Legs (260) since you dont have charge for an ultra. This is nowhere near as much as a cl rh - EX Legs - U2 punish (468) which is anywhere on the screen. So you’ll be able to take more risks on their wakeup as a result of having U2 over U1.

Anybody got a reason why Chun should use U1 over U2 against shotos?

I use U2 on shotos all the time. Reason being is because if they really wanna abuse fireballs, I get 2 ultras per round. If they abuse them in poke range, hasan-shu still beats them in this game.

The only time I wanna use U1 is against Sagat and Blanka. Main reason is because his tiger shots actually fuck up hasan-shu in this game. At max range, he can recover if you try to do it on reaction and still focus dash/uppercut. If you’re too close, high tiger shots hit hasan-shu way more often than it did in vanilla. U2 is still viable against him…it’s just a hard match dealing with his new low fierce/walk back tiger shots. I played against Sanford so it’s like “…” when you can’t even walk and st.strong him anymore. So I’m probably switching to U1 for a good Sagat.

U2 > U1 enough said~

Hmm… yes I sort of agree. I would have maybe hoped that the there would be more to Ultra selection than there currently is, but U2 does seem the go to option. Even against the shotos where traditionally you would have thought U1 to be gdlk. Like mag says, the big reason for this personally is that fireballs are also countered by HS.

Though what I miss about U1 is that meaty fireballs on my wake up just have to be blocked! Talk about a bitch ass way to die from chip damage! :stuck_out_tongue:

Though as a note for the midscreen punish, I have landed FA level 3, FA, EX legs, U1 for the juggle a couple of times. Tasty.

i would still use u1 against akuma. with the added recovery he has on air fireballs now, dash ultra is really good and will help shut down his annoying runaway game.

i agree, still use u1 against sagat. and also blanka and honda. guile…i haven’t decided yet, will need more games. u2 for everyone else though :wink:

I only use U1 on on the following:
T Hawk
Chun Li

I dont think I forgot anyone

I dont have a problem getting around fireballs and keeping the fight really up close, so theres no reason to use U1

I’be been sticking with Kikosho as well, but I’m having a really hard time with it against Sagat. It’s just too easy for him to spam fireballs all day long, and a full Ultra bar won’t do me any good if he keeps me out of range.

I agree with MagnetoManiac, but I would definitely add Honda in the list. It’s already a tough matchup for him, but when you get the U1 charged, Chun is a nightmare.

Yeah I was thinking of that concept, might try it on rank for a bit. a lot of players are too smart to mess with a charged U1 Chun Li, but people would underestimate a U2 chun. Also Ryu can’t throw a fireball into a Super so you can jump fireballs all day.

i’ve never been a fan of U1 vs shotos because you need charge. i personally don’t mind having at least 2 ultras, and on crazy days 3-4.

If you have more HP than the shoto opponents U1 becomes more potent than U2. U2 is better when you have less HP than your shoto opponents. U1 is for defensive tactic. U2 has more comeback potential than U1.

So I believe it depends on how you deceive your opponent first and then make them try to come back.

If you are at 75% and your shoto opponent is at 50% and your Ultra 1 is up, the game is pretty much yours unless you make mistake.

Interesting thread here. I have been wondering this one myself.

U1 is useful for fireballs of the shotos while U2 is useful for guaranteed damage overall.
Both Ultra seems quite viable to me.

For now I am using U2 vs shotos but I won’t sleep on U1.

lol i almost only use u2 now against EVERYONE… im a maniac like that… (but not like magneto)

i use u2 versus honda and honestly the only character i’m having a hard time with knowing whether or not i sues u1 or not on is versus a u1 chun (which i havent played against yet) or against blanka since he dont jump much nor get hit easily by chuns bnb’s… (but i will most likely practice the versus blanka bnb’s so i can get my u2 on)

u2 is a godsend for my playstyle as i never really liked to charge for u1 and i never really liked to throw many kikokens either.

so yeah i have had a bit of trouble in dealing with fireballs against shotos with using u2 instead of u1… but the u2 damage and the fact that i stop a shoto cold from ever jumpng at me when i have u2, is WAY better for me than making them throw less fireballs and have to resort to rushing me down.



Honestly, it is Ultra 2 all the way for me. Chun has too many ways to connect Ultra 2 than Ultra 1. I don’t care if you throw Fireballs. In fact, I prefer that you do, if I get a close Hazanshu over a fireball I can combo into cr.LK xx EX Legs xx ultra 2 and match over. It’s too good, even if the damage isnt alot. They are/will be more chances to connect Ultra 2 so Im sticking with it all the way.

I like U2 as well. It allows me to be more free in the footsie game and deters opponents from jumping in freeing up riskier moves like s.HK and s.HP…not to mention the new df.lk AA which helps out too. Although I really haven’t used it to it’s potential thus far.

I prefer U1 though U2 is very cool.
I prefer U1 though i don’t use dash forward ultra.
I prefer U1 though though i suck with my input and timing and my opponent always fall behind me or i whiff a toward mk -__-.

Si in my game i don’t have the opportunity to use Ultra 1 often but i don’t care.

What i like in Ultra 1 is : Fullscreen teleport and Startup 7 frames.

Believe me at high level, it’s not easy for chun li to hit with cr lk and follow it by ex legs and ultra 2.
When your opponent is not a scrub, he know the threat of the cr lk.

Good players don’t jump like that to eat freely the new loved Ultra 2.

So your opponent can shutdown your game with close fireball, ambiguous jump in, and random tatsu at mid range (ryu example).

Ken can do a ex tatsu to escape an ultra 2 punish if he jump.

Deejay and Guile don’t need to jump. They love stay in crouch position so don’t expect hit them with cr lk often.

Akuma has many setup with his fireball at any distance. He can fireball, let you jump and punish you with a demon flip when chun is in the recovery landing so she cannot do anything instead block. So akuma has a free demon flip throw if he is smart.

In fact with U2 you don’t lead the game versus shotos.
You have two options. Kill them fast or you will die slowly :smiley:

With Ultra 2 you need to close the distance so smart people will run away from you as soon as you meet them ( jump tatsu, jump back fireball, cross up when they are in the corner and you approach them, etc)

I think i will use u2 versus chun li to punish a reversal ex sbk after a succeed safe jump
It’s possible with ultra 1 but the timing is tricky ( you need the charge).

Versus Gief, if i can punish a blocked lariat with U2, i will go for it.
Again it’s possible with ultra 1 but sometimes you lose :confused:

Versus Rufus i use Ultra 1 just because i can punish his cr hp. Don’t forget you can punish the sweep of ryu.

At this moment i prefer work on some setup to bait a sweep or any move instead of pray for my opponent forget to block a cr lk

You can punish Mk, HK and EX Double Rolling Sobat of Deejay on block with your ultra 1
And the good thing is the “safe” version is easy to recognize ( only one hit)

Others things : The damage with ultra 2 in combo after ex legs is 370 (if i remember) when your ultra is not full ( 1/2)

Use your ultra 2 lovely charged during the first 20 seconds to add “only” 150 damage, i don’t think it’s worth it.
Of course is this extra damage can kill them ok. But if not ?

Look the strategy of boxer players. They keep ultra to kill because until they have them, they represent two threat : Juggle damage and fireball punishment.

i’m thinking about use Ultra 2 versus Blanka because what is the point for blanka to rolling attack chun li when she have ultra 1 ? For chip damage ?
Blanka can chip for free with electric thunder blockstring all day.

and when you wait in charge, he use a short rolling attack and stop just fornt of you.

I prefer punish blanka after a blocked ultra 1, blocked backstep roll or whiffed vertical roll with the new ultra 2 of chun li when blanka is still airborn (recovery)

I need to learn how to combo Heavy Lightning Legs > Medium Lightning Legs > Hosenka consistently (basically [media=youtube]shOgVR9XDpg#t=1m45s"[/media]). Sick and tired of relying on lucky juggles in the corner for the past year! Until then, it’s Kikosho all day, every day as Dime_x says.

Wow, that’s a serious ultra setup. I was watching Shizza play Chun last night on Wednesday night fights, and kikosho would sometimes miss after ex legs.

Thats because he did it late. Your opp drops differently (faster or further away) depending on the spacing as well, so you would have to do it quicker.

That’s a really cool combo. Dont know if I would be able to get those lightning legs out so quickly after that cr HP (like in the vid) without braking my gamepad in two hehe. :stuck_out_tongue: