What Do You Guys Want On The EVO 2005 DVD's?

I say last years EVO DVD’s were very well done, so I don’t think anything needs to change there. What I do want to see though is some more behind the scene shit and live floor footage, now that would be nice. :tup:

Player interviews wouldn’t hurt also. But whatever the outcome is, I know that you guys will only improve this year on the EVO DVD’s.

Player profiles: picture, name, age, where from and the option to view all and only the matches on that side of the DVD that the player was involved in.

Less MvC2 pages. One page of Super Turbo highlights unless there will be a side event for ST.

hot girls with short hair perferably also if they can look like anime chicks and not be ugly I will also accept that.

all of the above

crowd reactions for at LEAST the 3D games. I had a hard time sitting through TTT/T4… and i play ttt =(

evo trailers would be nice too

highlight matches should be ones with less common chars/beatdowns/nail biters…unless there arent any of course

2k4 was still great btw (video/sound/sethcam)… even if there was 4x more marvel then anything else

Crowd noise and more footage than just the finals for all games would be nice. The ‘extra events’ that are taking place would be an obvious choice for the 2k5 DVDs as well.

less mvc2, more 3s&st. interviews would be pretty cool too.

CROWD NOISE that is what makes evo EVO

While retaining the video quality of evo 2k4, add the option to listen to crowd reaction/noise.

For 3S, besides the finals and the 5on5, include all footage of the special 16-man qualifier tourney.

crowd noise for all matches, 16-man tournament, more 3s, interviews with the players, grudge matches, the usa vs japan 5 on 5, and rockefeller and king raoh doing commentary for 3s.

16 man tourney is too much footage. I say, top 16 from singles 3s tourney, 5on5 exhibition, and random hotass matches.

50% Tekken 5 shit 50% whatever else

Crowd noise is an absolute must. Please. PLEASE. Please?

He’s right, you know.

more humor show some funny stuff, especially since its in vegas theres gonna be alot of drunk ppl acting up

CROWD REACTIONS! At ts5 we had only one mic working alh the time and we needed one working all the time to announce matches so we couldn’t do it but im sure evo’s gonna have a few so it can be done.

I heard that merging 03 crowd audio with 04 video quality is difficult and costly so maybe instead they could have two versions of every match? Or just do it 03 style but make sure the corners of the screen are shown so we can see the super meters?

I want to emphasize how much I’d rather MvC2 just occupy 2 pages. Give ST some love. 3D section 50% T5.

EDIT: Just realized that T5 IS 50%.

we are planning to tape crowd noise for final 8 on sunday of each game, and include alot of other matches as well.

crowd noise, non-final highlight matches in all games (not just marvel), more sethcam type of stuff with interviews.

more then 8 matches of 3s would be nice

crowd noise has already been addressed which was my only other prob

crowd noise, a “spy angle” camera on the players as they play to show their facial reactions as they play.

player interviews for top placers

more misc. footage to show what Evo is really all about (fun, gg’s, and friends) aside from strictly match vids. 90% of the ppl who go to Evo go there just to see the madness and to have fun…



Doesn’t cost much and is easy as hell all u need is a few audio splitters and mic 2 rca conevters which isn’t much cash u can get a pair of audio splitters for 1-2 bux at any autozone/radio shack/best buy damn near anywhere.