What do you image guru's think of my avatar

… Is there anything else you guys would add to make it better. I’m not that great with images yet… which is pretty bad because I’m studying web design :xeye: anyhow. Any tips on making it/ my overall work bettter?

I… like it. =O You’ve got that cartoony look going on with the stroke/border around Chun and the text, clean 1px border, and a simple background that matches the pic of Chun.

Haha guess that didn’t really help, eh?

Thanks for the compliment

Looks good. Not wow. But a good av.


It’s a nice basic avatar, reminds me of things I make when I’m lazy, or used to make when I couldn’t use PS too well.

I’d prefer the border to be black, though.

And hey chris. :wink:

It’s okay, but all it really is is a cut from the Capcom Summer Special cover, + stroke & shadowed text. IMO, if you’re gonna do that, you might as well remove the text and make the stroke thinner.

I like it, but I share Bowling Pin’s opinion.

Looks pretty good, but maybe put a black outline on the border so it matches the text.

Like this:


I agree w. DG, and I’m not really a fan of TeXt ThAt LoOkS LiKe ThIs.

But otherwise, it’s pretty good. nothing majorly wrong with it.

Thanks I like that, I’m going to use that instead :D.

Ah and Hey Trijump :smiley:

Its pretty neat, but I don’t really like the letters on the top right. I prefer them on the bottom right, but then again, we all have different tastes.

Nicely done dude.

if i had ps, id put the text in chun’s hand/fingertips as if she holding it up like a card. also, i dont like the colors for the bg. custom bg that shyt down!