What do you like to do at the end of the round or match?

I like to hit them with short to taunt and spaz duck.

If I can I hit them with a close standing short into jumping roundhouse. If I can’t I usually dash back and forth or do what Rockstedy does because it is in fact, awesome.

juggle their carcass for as long as possible

btw please tell me this isn’t an air reset, i don’t see yun’s feet hit the ground, but still, AIR resets are like impossible


I slowed the video down, it would seem that yun does land. Or atleast is in his post jump animations.

winning is good

Juggle the corpse, typically with jab forward twds.strong, or short foward RH, or jab 1hit-strong sj.RH, or 1hit-strong sj.fierce if they’re big. If it’s a throw into the corner I’ll do QCF RH/KKK to get right in front of him, or activate super if it’s the last round. Otherwise it’s dash forward, dash back, dash forward. I never taunt (there’s too much other shit to do!)

if backthrow kills them, whiff a ragdoll throw for meter before the round ends. similar to ken’s uppercut after backthrow for meter. if you do chicken kicks after back throw, that dosn’t get meter because you get meter at the end of the chicken kick arc

kara roundhouse taunt

LOL, I never imagined the character was dead. More like unconscious.

Ex uppercut (like how ken players throw to far end and shoryuken)

Forward MP. Makes him look like a ballerina.

just jump straight up, lol

jab em, then just bash their head in the ground with fp

T-Bag them.