What do you listen to when you draw?


for me its Tool/APC, deftones, or Evanescense


cmon i know you dont draw that much.


that was the textbook way to kill a thread. beautiful technique.


Nothing because it’s too distracting.





not all at one time sweet. Usually one or the other. Your rigth though, I dont draw a whole lot.


Break Beats, Dir en Grey, X Japan, Glay…


I depends on what I’m Drawing.

System Of A Down
Ben Harper
Ani DiFranco
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Future Sound Of London
Peter Gaberial

It’ depends on what mood I’m trying to put across.

I remember I listen to The Doors The End on repeat on my first story. It helpt ALOT.

I don’t listen to music when I’m drawing in public though. (I’m a Pavement Artist/Tutor) People can scare the shit outta ya when they tap you to ask you about your work.