What do you look for in a Fighting Game?


I Look around and i notice that the average American players just play street fighter and tekken. But they are picky with the games that the play. If its too technical they leave it alone and the simple ones are the ones that people get to.

What are some of the things you look for in a fighting game is it story, mechanics? appearance, controls.

Why are 2D/2.5D fighting games more popular than 3D i.e. DOA Virtua Fighter.

Why not many people play 3S but the community got better with 4, Super and Arcade Edition?

Be honest. on your opinion.

I’m Designing a Game and I want to know what would be somethings i should look out for i know balancing is the biggest issue. But im trying to make a fighting game thats different from the current basic fighters but i dont want to design something and it then be not so popular. Like skull girls i feel is a different game but i think the “girl” themed game kinda killed the title from being good.


Cute, scantily clad girls, ideally aged 12 to 16 and a half.



I don’t like HAVING to counter pick to win.

If counter picking makes it easier, sure, go ahead, but impossible matchups pisses me off.


If it’s in the correct forum.


That’s good, I Hate the match up issues also. I Wish I were able to disclose some of the features to see what SRK’s reaction will be. But i can’t Not yet.

I did hear something That people don’t like Dead or Alive because of the “Danger Zones” like it gives them more to worry about I think thats something cool. I like a Stage where the environment plays a part of the gameplay kings like Tao Feng but the breaking of limbs isnt cool.


The reason I posted here I seen another post on fighting Game Development in this same forum.


Dan Hibiki, Sean, or Allen Snider.

Then I cry for a little bit when I realize they all aren’t in the game.


Why is a there a thread about Fighting Games in the ONE section of the bored NOT for fighting games?