What do you need to extend the headset port from an Xbox 360 PCB?

Post is in the title, pretty much. I’m a complete newb, so I’m asking where the hell I need to go and what to ask for in terms of wire and connectors. I’m figuring I can just run an extension cable of some kind from the original headset port to a hole outside the box?

Sorry if this is a common question, but I did spend twenty minutes searching the forums and reading FAQs. Everyone just seems to gloss over this part.

2.5mm Stereo Plug/Jack M/F Cable - 3ft. Most people drill a small hole from what I’ve seen.

ah, good of you to remind me of the headphone jack! I completely forgot about it while planning for the things to purchase for my custom stick!

Actually, I like to chat with my opponents in SF IV. Mostly, we having quite funny conversations - and no trash talk, which is good. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t using that make it always register as having a headset plugged in?

I’ve seen someone say that before but I don’t understand what the problem is. If you aren’t talking then you aren’t talking. Playing online is considerably less fun without a headset.

Wait, so it DOES constantly register as having a headset plugged in? I just got a wireless headset, but I wanted to keep my headset port available in case the battery dies on me. If the joystick thinks it has a wired headset plugged in, it won’t work with the wireless one. Is there a better way to extend that port?

You could try to desolder the port add wires and place it where u want it on the stick.

Yeah, that may be possible with the Mad Catz Arcade PCB. It has a white ribbon cable (see the bottom center) for the headset jack.

But there’s no way to plug in an extension cable without it thinking a headset is plugged in? I have a different PCB altogether, and removing the headset port isn’t something I’m comfortable or skilled enough to do anyway.

Erm … I tried desoldering the headset port from 2 pcbs … and those things are really fragile.
I lost one pin of the port and reinstalled it but the speakers won’t work (I can record my voice OK though).

Does anyone have the pinout of the xbox360 game controllers headset (it seems to be a standard shared by MS and Madcatz ???), it would be very handy for me at the very moment !

I found the headset connector pinout here: