What do you play for?

I know this is rhetorical question, but i just want to know what do people really play for. Are you playing to win or playing to be skilled, playing it for fun. I notice varies of number times that I lose alot, i mean I lost hella of games in mvc3, or fighting games in general. Keep in mind i’m asking this question because i feel like i suck. I ask myself this question to me and others. I feel like most of the time I’m playing to have fun or playing to build skill. It as if i’m not trying to win or holding myself back alot of times.

So what do you think about yourself when your trying to play fighting games or the game of your choice? Are you really trying to win or playing for fun? Please leave your comments and feedbacks.


I’m trying to win but at the same time, my fun comes from facing an opponent of equal skill and having close matches. And when I get better, I love the feeling of facing even better people, showing that I can do sooo much more. So I guess you can say I play for fun but because my fun comes from competition, I play to win as well.

Mainly for fun, but I do try to come out to local tournaments when I can (which isn’t often, unfortunately).

**I keep playing fighters because they’re games that have a constant and continuous learning curve. Shooters,RPGs,Action games…after a while they just get boring as fuck for me as the initial learning curve veers off into tedium. I hate being bored playing games, and I rarely get tired of fighters because there is *always *something new to learn or figure out. That’s a crucial dynamic for me. Having fun and learning experience is what drives me.

Gives me something to do when I drink

fun and mental stimulation.

That’s a pretty good point about fighting games. Thats something shooters and other game genre lack. Thanks for commenting.

Fun and the competition. I’m the kind of fighter that not only uses his characters strengths…but I like to really pick apart my opponent and take away what they like to do…I try to be more cerebral than anything. So figuring out that puzzle each round, each fight, I dig it.

I’m in it for the bitches.

…and this

i fight for the future new generation

Fun, and usually, winning is fun.

So directly, I play for fun and indirectly I play to win, but only if it is fun.

I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was

i play for fun*.

*=fun is winning horribly, crushing my opponent, making them salty, taunting and running away and teabagging and then sending hate mail after i win calling them a bitch faggot scrub

I play for fun now only due to other priorities.
When Street Fighter II came out we all played for fun, but I kept playing it to get better and better. My friends dropped it, my cousins never picked it up.
I stopped playing for years but started again when HDR came out, for fun only though.
I did enter in EVO 2009 and went 2-2 in HDR, 0-2 in SFIV.

Fun, getting better skill by learning and winning. Anyone who says they don’t play fighting games to win lying to themselves.

I play to win, but I also enjoy the mental stimulation and being able to use my randomness positively.

Self improvement

i’m infatuated with high level fighting game strategy. i want to learn how to play better / more consistent / smarter. and its a total grind to get there…so I always have something bringing me back.

I play because I’m a masochist and losing makes me moist.