What do you play on your pc?


Do you play any games regularly?
Tell us what games you like to play, or if you like a bit of everything, what types of games you like.
What I Like:
Genres: First Person Shooters, Real Time Strategy, Some RPG’s.
Particluar Games: ut2004, quakes (I, II, III, IIIA) (oo quake 4 soon), starcraft, Age of (Empires I/ Empries II/Mythology), sacrifice. A few Others.
I guess i like alot,also sudoku
Anyhows tell me what you like?


PS3 Jailbreak
ps3 wireless controller
nintendo ds r4




solitare :slight_smile:


MAME, N64 and other console ROMS but mostly GGPO and Supercade… Sometimes DOOM. :wink:

Oh yeah, none of that Warcraft BS. :smiley:


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