What do you practice as a Guile player?

What do you guys practice as Guile players??? We all know that in order to be good at this game you must put in the time to sharpen your skills, and with a character like Guile much practice is needed to compete with some of the top tier characters. I know I practice at least 1-2 hours a day (most of the time it’s more) because my schedule is pretty flexible.

When I do practice this is what I do.

-Go through all the trials as kind of like a warm up
-Do the c.lp>c.mp until I’m tired of it because it is a tough link to nail consistently
-Practice jump in combos like j.rh>c.lp>c.lp>c.lp>super>ultra
-Practice cross up combos
-Sometimes I record the CPU doing jump ins and I’ll practice anti airs
-And lately I’ve been working on fadc after booms to continue comboing

I saw a thread like this in the Abel forum and I think it will help to see what other players practice so other players can add to their practice routines and see what the important things are to work on.

After finding out that cross up j.lk, cr.lk, cr.lp, st.lp, st.hp does 7 more damage than j.lk, cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.mp, hkFK (177 vs 170) I’ve been practicing that with random block on. Downside to that combo is that it doesn’t work on certain characters and the latter half of the combo doesn’t work at all when your opponent is crouching, but messing up that combo won’t hurt you as much as messing up the FK combo.

Also, I try and practice Dagger G’s style of corner pressure.

Finally, I mainly go into practice mode whenever I’m hit with something in casuals and tournaments that is giving me a hard time. I’ll set it up in such a way so that I can see what my options and/or my opponents options are in certain situations.

  1. Standard combos (practical ones)
  2. Links
  3. FA combos (primarily the b.hk ones)
  4. Setting record for problems I might be having against particular characters

I’ve slowed right down on drills lately, but this is about the size of it. (4) doesn’t see much action these days - been over a year of Guile (pretty much 7 days a week; I know most of the match-up minutia).

This was me in March.
First thing you need to do is get a stick.

Trials are good but don’t rely on them. Develop your own combos from the trials - either add or remove some of the moves to see what works for you.

Guile is all fucked up, damage wise. Lets say you try this combo - j.hp, c.lp, c.mp, FK <- This is about a 30% combo (under 30%), lets say it does 288 points of damage - this is ‘big’ damage for Guile. But this combo is riskier compared to j.hp, c.mp, FK - which does 284 points of damage (EX does like 308 or something). I tried these out in training mode and there’s like a 4 point difference. I don’t have my notepad with me to give exact damage data but the point is that if you want to add flash (extra hits that will scale down damage) with Guile, you have to have your execution down solid, or get punished for it. Guile is one of the few characters where less is more, if you get what I mean.

c.lp>c.mp is hard to do. Depending on what you want to do, or what move you want to finish with, you could try: c.lp, s.lp, c.mp, SB. If you want to finish with a FK, don’t do the s.lp cuz you wont have enough charge.

c.mp is a lot easier to land after a s.lp but you could only follow up w/SB, or maybe a tick mix up.

This is extremely situational and the 3 c.lp’s scale down the damage…and if you miss the link in between any of these c.lp’s, you’ll get punished for it…plus it’s not so easy to nail the super after the lp’s, especially if it’s not linked… especially if it’s in a real match where you only have a sliver of life and you have everything banking on this combo.

Try more practical jump in combos that end with a SB (j.hp, c.mp, sb); you could also end w/FK, but if they block, you’re at their mercy when you land. Ending with SB is safest unless you’re able to hit confirm into FK. Once you get these basic jump in combos down, you could start adding shit to it with FADC. Try combos that are designed as blockstrings or tick mix ups.

If you HAVE to have a super>ultra combo in your bag of tricks, the easiest way to get it off is to FA crumple your opponent, even then, it’s it’s extremely situational (cuz you’re looking to crumple the other guy) and if you keep looking for it in a match, you’ll just end up losing cuz your whole gameplan changes from playing the match for what your opponent is giving you, to trying to land that combo. It happens to me sometimes. I’ll have super and ultra stocked and I’ll want to force something that isn’t there.

-FA, crumple, dash in, lk super, ultra
-FA, crumple, dash in, c.mp, lk FK, lk super, ultra


j.hp, c.mp, lk FK, lk super, ultra

Guile needs his meter. It’s up to everyone’s discretion how they use meter, just be more mindful of how you use it.

Just as a quick example: Using 2 meters to throw a SB to continue pressure on Sagat, Ryu, Ken, Gief, Rufus (almost all of the cast, TBH), IMO, would not be so practical. If they mash on DP, lariat, EX messiah, you’ve just burned 2 meters to continue your pressure which could possibly result in you missing a link and eating a reversal.

I would rather use 1 meter bar to do a EX FK jump ins or EX FK the shit out of Ryu, Ken, Akuma in between c.mk and FB; or EX SB’s to keep up with their FB spamming or fuck up their timing. Burn 2 meters to get out of a situation (FK, FADC out), not to get into a DP ultra.

Pretty much solid advice - albeit a little extreme; I’ll boil it down:

  1. Practice the shit out of simple heavy hitting combos (there’s a reason the Japs like 'em).
  2. Assuming your execution on the basics is solid, spending a few hours a week fooling around with ridiculous combos will help your pressure game (long strings, cancel loops, crazy shit in general).
  3. FA combos - UDK is VITAL at a high level (stun and dmg is really good). Your FA combos need to be effortless; thoughtless.

^^^UDK? what’s that stand for?

upside downkick. Us Australians love to abbreviate words, which shows how lazy we are when writing :).

On the topic though, I practice the combos that I am most likely to use in a real match like
C LK > C LP > C MP > SB, C MP > Flash kick/sonic boom.

I also practice the links starting with either C LK or C LP, S LP that end with a S HP (or B HP). (eg C LK > C LP > S LP > S HP)

I am making it a habit of using the HK flash kick to finish combos as the EX flash kick does not deal much more additional damage, plus gaining ex bars or super metre is a valuable commodity.

I also use the training room to study the moves sets of every character and their respective attributes. I found that doing this will enable you to know the range these attacks and when they will most likely to be used. Helps when trying to get better in certain matchups.

Following on, here is what i have done:

  • I used akuma, pressed record and did the following:
  • C LP > C LK > LK Tatsu > C MP (juggle) > Demon flip throw…

    This is what one guy did to me (although I won the match), but this is a bloody scary mix up to be caught in as Akuma can also do a dive kick which completely nullifies the flash kick. Capcom, I hope you are reading this.

Only an ultra can beat the dive kick during this mixup, but it takes a great level of anticipation. During training, the flash kick will make the demon flip throw die in a fire.

Most of the time, training for me is playing the arcade dummy inbetween rounds. I’ll normally practice doing, in this general order…

1 - j.lk > c.lk > c.lp > c.mp xx flashkick
2 - crumple > UDK > c.mp xx boom
3 - combo into s.lp > s.hp
4 - s.hp xx flashkick
5 - j.lk > c.lk > c.lp > c.mp xx super > ultra
6 - s.hp xx mk super > ultra (mk helps for training puroposes since the timing for the ultra juggle is strict)
7 - dash ultra/super
8 - random combinations just for shits and giggles like crumple > udk > s.lp > s.hp > s.hp

I disagree on a few points sloppy. Namely ones about comboing into super or the super > ultra juggle. See number 5 on my list? That thing, or variations of it, have won me matches. Also most strait-up jump ins with hk or hp are easy to confirm into a flashkick or super by just delaying your c.mp a little bit and hitting your jump in deep. I’ve also won matches via j.hk… over say, a fireball… c.mp xx super > ultra. That situation is easily confirmable, easy to execute, and can win matches. Worst case scenario is you flub your execution and do j.hk > c.mp xx flashkick xx super, which only does a little bit less damage.

Ya, your not going to land this stuff every match or hell, every 10 matches, but it’s still important to know at high levels.

Good post here. I agree with what you are saying. More is definitely less with Guile and that’s something I’ve come to realize while playing him. The reason that I put time in on the J.RH>C.LP>C.LP>C.LP>Super>Ultra is because I would hate to get in a situation that I am able to execute this combo and not have put in the time to be able to do it in a match. I have played about 80-100 or so games in the past 3-4 days and I’ve done that link probably once. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m trying to be prepared for all situations. I don’t want to limit myself to the J.RH>C.MP>Boom/FlashKick, even though that combo is probably what I do 10 out of 10 times I score a jump in. Does that make sense?

Slinkun, how good are you at number 4 on your list? I’ve been practicing this a lot lately too. Its tricky timing though. The S.FP>RHFlashKick does 280 dame I think, which is much more than the C.MP>RHFlashKick which does 230… I’ve got to get the down so I can punish with this instead of the BnB C.MP>RHFlashKick. It could definitely make the difference in matches.

This is a really good thread so far. I see some things that you guys are doing that I am going to defintely add to my practice schedule.

Other things I work on are…

J.RH>C.LP/C.MP>LPBoom>Spinning Back Knuckle
J.RH>C.MP>Boom/Flash Kick
Sometimes I do FA crumple combos but I’m not going to lie, I rarely use my FA but when I rarely land one I usually do FAC>Upsidedown Kick>C.MP>EXBooom… The reason I do this is becasue I think it works on pretty much the whole SF4 cast and some of the other FA follow ups are character specific…

O yeah and mr.sloppy2nds, I meant to tell you that I think the 3lp’s are and easier link than the C.LKx2>C.LP that’s done in the last hard trial. It might just be the layout on my stick or something but it feels a loot smoother so I do it that way…

And how good are you @ #7? Sorry for all the questions. Number 7 bugs the hell out of me though. I was trying it last night but just can’t do it. It’s funny because when I used to use a 360 controller I could do it, but now I can’t with the stick. Guess I just have to keep at it though…

i never play as guile when waiting in arcade mode for a new online opponent. i used to but my timing would be thrown off by lag. for some reason i find it easier to adapt to the lag by not using guile whilst waiting for a match.

the only combos i practise:

j.hk> cr.mp> flash
j.hk>cr.lk x 2>cr.lp>st.lp>st.hp

other than those i believe the rest to be pretty situational. i have never found myself looking to do a upside down kick combo although maybe someone could point out to me when this is a handy combo to use!

i don’t bother practising super>ultra because i never keep enough ex to have a full super meter. i’m always cancelling booms or cr.hk, so i don’t see the need to worry about super. on the rare occasion i do have a super i don’t usually have any problem using it in a combo.

i mess around with focus attacks, dashes and focus cancels a lot. i’d say this is the stuff i practise the most. i like to do combo number 2 in my list, cancel the boom at the end and follow it up with target combo or a throw.

i also like to practice using other characters in order to learn their weaknesses and where there might be a holes in their combos ect. plus practising with a selection of characters WILL make you a better all round player, thus you will become a better guile player.

I used to use a lot of EX bars too but I’ve really cut down on it lately. Instead of using the EX boom so much I just switch up the speeds of my boom between the 3 punches. And I use RHFlashKick instead of the EX version because the damage is so close to each other that it wont make much of a difference. I think you should work on the Super>Ultra though, just in case because you never know when you will have a chance to use it. Even if you play 1,000 matches and only get one chance to do it, you have to make the most of that 1 chance so I’d practice it…

I practice to air throw Blanka’s ultra.

100% agree. Although we might not be able to land the super>ultra juggle often, it looks so sexy when it’s pulled off in a match.

Good shit on the c.lp’s. Do what feels easier for you. I personally like to start links w/c.lk.

Good one…

i have found this air throwing his ultra too hard to warrant attempting it in a match. if he’s not done a proper setup guile’s ultra and ex flash kick beat blanka’s ultra anyways. normal flash kick trades.