What do you punish with?

So, since SF 4 came out and I play against Sagat/Ken/Ryu so many times a day and whenever they whiff a Dragon Punch I always just grab (Unless I have meter). ’

I was just wondering, what do you guys punish with?

b mk > lp flam

B hp x m/exflame

ultra > super =D

ex/normal yoga blast if you want to style it on thier way up ;o

I was looking into the b mk > lp flame but, from what it seems it deals less damage than his grab. Can anyone confirm this?

not to sure check training mode init, you can throw them if u want but i gets its a preference in where you want to control the game, by all means throw them in the corner if your trapped or if you worried u wont link the flame for knock down

Grab gives 120dmg
bmk+flame 150dmg more or less, cant recall it precisely

If u have super and ultra, go for bmk xx flame xx super and then ultra

i usually punish with bmk xx flame

Ahhhhh, so bmk+flame does do more. Thank you.

It’s dependent on the character/situation. If it’s a rushdown or a grappler I’ll throw just to create some space since they can’t quick stand.

Best punish is almost always going to be back fierce xx m/ex flame if you don’t have super or ultra.

Here are some others.

db.fp > mk xx l.flame

And you don’t see this often, but if you’ve got a sure punish and full super I’ll go for:
fierce flame xx super

I do this one because if you’ve got the time to get f.flame out it will do more damage and it’s way way easy to cancel f.flame into super.

Hope that helps.

unfortunately flame connects ONLY if enemy is in the corner.

However the choose depends on which shoryuken is done and consequently how much time you have to perform / get close to opponent on recovery.

This is my idea:

  1. Against lp shoruyken:

A) with no super:

  • grab if you’re enought close (nice for zoning, 120 dmg)
  • b+mk xx lp flame (very fast, 150 dmg)
    B) with super:
  • super (350 dmg)
  • db.hp + super (easy to do, 430 dmg)
  • b+mk xx lp flame xx super (bnb classic, 430 dmg)
  1. Against all other shoryuken:

A) Without bars:

  • the same of previous case
  • b+hp xx mp flame (160 dmg)
  • db.hp, b+hk (190 dmg, huge dmg without bars! No knock out though :sad:)
    B) With at least 1 bar:
  • b+hp xx ex flame (230 dmg, best option without super/ultra…use that ex bar if you have it!)
    C) with super:
  • the same of previous case
    D) with ultra:
    ultra, wait, flame ex (428 dmg)
    ultra, wait mp flame xx super (613 dmg…instead of 578 without flame)

Good stuff. Recently I’ve been doing Jumping HP, B MK, L Flame.

do you mean wait for the ultra to go away?

db.hp, b.hk is also great when you have an ultra out so you can use flames or fires.

I mean you’ve to wait that ultra hits… you cannot do any special move too early, or nothing will happen. Just try in training mode the right timing.

I find an exception right now… when oppenent is jumping and he’s eating ultra, flame/fire/moves will miss :crybaby: The only thing you can do is super, or fire xx super (11 hits).

What do you mean?

wait what, I thought you couldn’t throw fires or flames at all while the ultra is out? that’s what I meant when I said db.hp, b.hk is good when an ultra is out.

Yes, you can combo flame during the last hits of ultra
Otherwise “db.hp, b.hk” after ultra, will work only in the corner.

I’ll show you in this video for clarity:


Gore, thanks for those insights man, good shit.

Thanks for the video Gore!

Good stuff.

ok, so you wait until the ultra is gone.

I didn’t mean to combo db.hp, b.hk when an ultra hits, i meant in situations where you get to punish the opponent while the ultra is out but didn’t hit them.

Wow, you can also do ultra, wait mp blast xx super…
same damage, much more spectacular !

I find doing hp fire xx super after the ultra is a better bet. Damage is above 6 and is a much easier follow-up.

I’m new to these forums and to SF4 so I apologize if this question has already been answered (I searched but didn’t find much).

What do you guys use to punish Ryu’s tatsu? I usually do db+fp but I was wondering if there was anything better. I messed around in training mode but didn’t find anything else that punished tatsus close up.

Also when I punish tatsus with db+fp is it possible to link it into anything to do more damage? I try to connect with a s.fp when Ryu is landing after being hit by db+fp but sometimes I just get jab dp’ed. Maybe I’m timing it wrong.